Hunk: Switching Teams

This hot hunk of an actor is desperate to have a career. He’s young, pretty, and stupid, and the only decent acting job he ever got was because he slept with the TV series creator. The show made him rather famous, but that’s over and now his career is faltering. He’s getting ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of switching teams once again. He’s got his eye on a powerful and connected member of Hollywood’s gay mafia who’s known for having lavish parties and helping the cute young guys that he sleeps with.

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45 thoughts on “Hunk: Switching Teams

  1. LOL. I say Jesse Metcalf as well. He’s young, pretty…….but stupid?? I don’t know

  2. It most definitely has to be Jesse Metcalfe. Trying to hook up with David Geffen??

  3. puh-leeze, this one’s so obvious, you could see it from space.

  4. but isn’t the creator of Desperate Housewives Marc Cherry – and therefore said actor would not be switching teams per Janet’s comments?

  5. Maybe she mean he’s ditching his bearding routine with the chick from Oz not that he’s fooling anyone into thinking he’s straight!
    Geffen would surely fcuk Jesse but dunno if he could maintain a career since he can’t act his way out of a pink purse!

  6. Metcalfe also starred on Passions. He was the original Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald – so that is two REAL jobs, plus a starring role in John Tucker Must Die…so if it is him, the facts are wrong, and Janet is usually good with her facts…

  7. She said the only DECENT acting job..I wouldn’t count Passions and that movie as decent at all. Totally him

  8. HAHAHAH, I love reading everyone’s comments, it’s like we’re all arguing, and Janet never reveals.
    Come on J-we love you, can’t you just spill the beans?? I thought John Tucker Must Die wasn’t a total flop? Not that i’ve seen it, but I thought it did pretty good in sales?

  9. Is Josh Henderson still a regular on Desperate Housewives?

  10. Duh people, it’s right there is the wording…”DESPERATE to have a career” thus desperate housewives thus Jesse Metcalfe. (beside all the other obvious clues ofcourse)

  11. joffrey de peyrac … I totally agree…
    I though that that was obvious…
    Jesse Metcalf…

  12. I thought of Matt Leblanc first but now am thinking it might be Jesse!

  13. Jesse Metcalf for sure. Who is teh powerful gay party thrower though? Elton John?

  14. Matt Leblanc popped into my mind first as well; although he’s “pretty and stupid”, is he considered “young” by today’s standards? And he’s already had a career, such as it is/was.
    I’m going with Metcalfe on this one.

  15. Matt Leblanc would hardly be considered “young” so it cannot be him. I agree that it is Jesse Metcalf, there have always been rumors that he plays for both teams!!

  16. totally jesse metcalfe. i met him a few weeks ago and he has the brain of a piss ant

  17. David Geffen’s probably the party-thrower — that’s supposedly how Tom Cruise got his start, as his boy toy.

  18. But the clue says “getting ready to make the ultimate sacrifice of switching teams once again” and everyone on net gossip sites seems to be agreed that Jesse Metcalf is gay anyway. ??? And if he’s straight how would anyone know this? Is he telling his posse of straight friends that this is his secret plan, like any straight guy would do? And I think people are suggesting Geffen cause he’s the only big gay name the public can think of – but there’s plenty of other powerful gay men in Hollywood.
    Still, there is that “Desperate” clue….
    I don’t mean to be a snippy queen but I thought death was “the ultimate sacrifice” Getting a blowjob from another guy in return for riches and fame seems a pretty good deal. Plenty of straight guys would do it after 6 pints!

  19. Paris Hilton’s ex boytoy Josh Henderson….
    I saw him and Marc Cherry in Westwood about a year ago and it seemed very odd/suspect.
    Poor Josh did not look like he was having a good time

  20. NO, No, No! It isn’t jesse, folks…
    It is Ryan Carnes.

  21. I was thinking this morning that it might be Josh Henderson who played Edi’s nephew in DH…….The Ryan Carnes suggestion is pretty valid too…..He hasn’t had much on his plate since DH either.
    Plays well with Others…..

  22. i think that if the guy “switching sides” is revealed, so should the guy in the “gay mafia” who expects actors to let him butt eff them to get work.
    yep, the casting couch hasn’t gone away.

  23. I bet the Hollywood mafia guy is Merv Griffen! Think Ryan Seacrest and his start…

  24. if you go to IMBD ryan has way more to his credit for 2007 jesse only has 1 item for 2007

  25. Do we ever get the answer to any of these things?

  26. jesse metcalfe !duh everybody,he is so bi…….he would take it up the ass to advance his career

  27. I agree jesse M. Maybe she’s talking about Bryan Singer. He’s gay and been known to throw wild parties for yound actors in hollywood. Not sure if he’s in the velet mafia though.
    Why don’t we ever get more clues or a freakin’ answer! 🙂

  28. Wilmer Valderama. He really needs to further his career since That ’70’s Show.

  29. hmmmm…can u say “Dawson” himself…James Van der Beek has long been ‘rumored’ to be gay. Kevin Williamson, creator of Creek, is openly gay. Not to mention reportedly there was a JVdB/John Wesley Shipp (Kelly from GL and the Flash) affair while both were on the Creek.

  30. It’s Jesse Metcalfe folks for sure. I have partied with him, and the power gay is director Bryan Singer. Believe me!

  31. Why does nobody talk about madonna and the cold blooded murderer she pals around with.She can write a kids book about what happens when mommy is shot in cold blood.Then the rat murderer gets out,moves to Hollywood and lives happily ever after.

  32. that is chris paciello,madonnas friend when she is not with A Rod.She always has a rod in here.

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