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Those of you who aren’t taken with Russell Brand had better get used to him because he’s going to be around for awhile. First he appeared in the hit “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” and after that he rocked his hot standup act at The Roxy for several sold out Sunday nights. Now he’s got a four million dollar book deal with Harper Collins. Above, he’s celebrating in the ocean in Mexico with a new girlfriend, actress Teresa Palmer.

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  1. I’ve already seen too much of him in that ridiculous Euro-trash bathing suit. Get some swim trunks, you hairy bastard, and while you’re at it, how about a shave and a haircut? You look like Borat.

  2. Urgent correction on the Brand ass assessment (Googled it!):
    He’s got a half-mile crack and cheeks as flat as Kate Hudson’s chest.
    Sorry for any inconvenience the earlier ass endorsement may have caused.

  3. Oh no, too too hairy,everywhere, yuck. I wonder if they are saving themselves for marriage? lmao

  4. No way, Jose, not if he were the last man on earth. The only thing he should be in is a remake of “Planet of the Apes”. Very little makeup would be needed.

  5. Who is this clown and why do we care? He’s ga-ROSS! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwww!

  6. I could never date a man who wore such a small swimsuit in public.

  7. This Fish and chip eating pikey needs to go back across the pond where he belongs. Paving drive ways. Thats all folks!!!

  8. I Think they both are wearing too much for the beach

  9. Enough with this guy!
    Janet just blow him and spare us

  10. If you appears to be a FOGGOT including a new FAGGOT-LOVER.
    I must conclude: SORRY but yes?

  11. casonia ..What ever happened to Jason the Taco making man..He got sick and he never came back to the show and this is not the first time it happened? This people toss away there shot and it makes me mad as Hell. says:

    Good for the man and god knows he has worked his ass off and really busted his butt to get where he is an wonderful.

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