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This is how the former “Hills” star looked on the beach in Santa Monica this weekend. Kristin plans to marry NFL star Jay Cutler next spring and she’s already increasing her workout schedule, cutting out drinking, and watching her diet. Kristin gained a few pounds last winter when she was living in Chicago with Jay and eating the same food her 6’4” boyfriend ate. She’s already lost the “winter” weight but now she’s aiming to squeeze into a Monique Lhuillier wedding dress in a very small size on the big day. (Do you think she’ll “let herself go” after she’s married?)

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  1. There’s no way, that on my wedding day I squeeze into any dress. In fact, it would have some lycra in the midsection so I could eat, drink, breath and be very merry!

    Silly celebs.

  2. What I really want to know is what non-actress Hollywood chick is NOT engaged to some NFL player or basketball giant? And do they all have giant engagement rings too? I missed this one’s ring and her going around to all the talk shows waving it in everybody’s faces.

    Now all she needs are the tits and ass implants and the hair extensions and she’ll be all set. Can’t wait to see the hot wedding dress tho. Now THAT is worth looking at.
    Oh, and good deal on the no-drinking deal, but kinda hard to believe it will be permanent in Hollywood. She may have to move completely away.

  3. There are people in the world who are starving & people barely eating to starve all in the name of vanity. How warped is that? I just hope that most females do not consider these bozos role models. Be happy for what you have & more happy for what you don’t.

  4. Jay will be getting a very experienced girl, as she has made most of the dating rounds w/ all the available GollyWeird studs and wanna-be studs. I won’t hold my breath to hear wedding bells.

    Her chin is a weensy bit prominent, but not as much as Jen Aniston and Reese Witherspoon. OK, I admit I have a chin fetish. lol

  5. why don’t Naive americans get it?

  6. @the American, Greetings & good afternoon. 🙂

    We get it but we don’t care because it gives us an opportunity to retort. Whether we say something kind or not, it’s a bag of tricks to us.

  7. Honey..Little sweet-heart your Beautiful and flawless and every woman in America would want a Rocking Body like yours and Your Still not Satisfied with your body and I can not see a way of improving on profection! Your a Total Knock out and your Body is The Bomb and your slamming and jamming in the body department and your right on little lady… But if you think that you can make it any better! Then do it for yourself and make yourself happyer.

  8. Silly beyotch; I would kill to look like that. If I could afford a personal trainer, I could, but she’s out of her gourd if she isn’t happy with the way she looks now. Anorexia is not attractive, not at all.

  9. “Let herself go?”

    Well, she can always fall back on the coke spoon again. Clearly it works wonders for her…

  10. She must have gotten obsessed with the photos of the extremely slender Kate Middleton on her wedding day.

  11. I am straight….But I know a Beautiful woman when I See one and she is really smoking hot and she needs to stay just the way she is and she needs mental health instead…She has problems with loving herself and maybe all the woman in her family look better then her but I do hope that she remains the way she is and learn to love herself.

  12. Poor girl ! No hips, no waist. Oh my, Who could be responsible for the new beauty ideal, where women should look like a teenaged boy? Hmmmm…? (I’m pointing at you, sweet, gay, Madison Ave. guys.)

  13. Look up beauty pageants of the 50’s-60’s. What you’ll get is women with hourglass shapes, hips, waist and usually full bosoms. Watch an old Beach Party movie with the girls dancing on the beach in the sand wearing bikinis and tossing a beach baall around. They look COMPLETELY different than the women in film and magazines today. How could women have changed shape so quickly? 50 years and women look completely different (overall) than such a short time ago. Hard to believe, but I am reminded every time I see another woman shaped like this.

  14. Kris and her intended should both be thoroughly checked for STD’s and get the appropriate shots and medicines before embarking on what is probably a short-lived marriage, if it happens at all.

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