Kris Humphries, who was briefly married to Kim Kardashian, you will recall, has jumped on the “Lamar is being set up” bandwagon. Kris thinks a lot of negative and inaccurate drug speculation has been ‘leaked” by the Kardashians to websites and tabloids and it could ruin Lamar’s NBA career. (For example, Lamar was never really “missing” or suspected of being on a crack cocaine drug binge.) According to RadarOnline, Kris is not a friend of Lamar’s, but he remembers being targeted the same way and going through “tabloid hell” when he was divorcing Kim. Kris says “There should be a support group for former boyfriends and husbands of the Kardashians.”

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  1. Humphries was no prince but those Kardashians put him thru hell. They seem to be totally self centered, self absorbed individuals with little or no moral compass or thought for others.

    I actually feel sorry for the son, Rob. He seems like a cork in the ocean with no role model or direction in his life but to emulate the greedy self serving family.

    We may never know the truth about Lamar but my advice would be to get out before they infect him.

  2. Look in the dictionary under the word “sociopath” and you’ll see a pic of PMK. She will do whatever she needs to advance her own purposes regardless of the effects on others. Her whore daughters(including Roberta) share that trait.

  3. The greedy whore learned from the best- OJ and then Shapiro. The lesson? How to manipulate the media for your own purposes. Her goal was profit. Like the way she launched her shit family reality show on America, exploiting Ron and Nicole’s murders at every turn without regard for the pain it caused their families and her children.

  4. I think Kris Humphries was the decent one, they portrayed him to be a jerk, with many reshoots and everything skewed against him. She would never be happy with him because he isn’t flashy and wasn’t willing to let her be the “star”. What they did to him isn’t a drop in the bucket on how they are ruining Lamar though.

  5. Sad to see TMZ reporting that Lamar has been picked up for DUI, under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

    He seems like an out of control man trying desperately to get away from that family.

    Do you blame him?

  6. I bet this boy thanks God everyday that he got out alive!

  7. The only reason that the public thinks that Kris Humphries is a jerk is because that is what the damn KrapTrashians wanted people to believe. He in reality is a nice young man from Minnesota. They thought it would be beneficial to Kimmode and easy to blame him when she broke the news that she wanted a divorce. The bottom line is Kris Humphries was too good for her as well as too white for her and she by the time she announced her need to divorce knew she could catch the bigger fish that is Kanye West. Face it she got pregnant with North West pretty quickly after saying she wanted a divorce. Everything with the Kraps-Klan is thought out before hand and this was one of the few times that it all back fired on them. And he is right, all of the men need a support group and that includes Bruce as well. What a horrible vile family. And I think it is nice of Kris H. to show some compassion for Lamar when he never would do that for Kris. It really does show whose the bigger man here.

  8. He might be a better friend to Lamar by keeping his comments/thoughts to himself.

    Hope he brings something to the Celtics this year.

  9. Major kudos to Kris H. for speaking up to reinforce the truth about Lamar after the Kardashians launched their verbal hatchet job.

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  12. If you lay down with the dogs, you get fleas. Both these guys knew exactly what they were getting into. It’s their own fault.

  13. True and that also holds true for those who wish to mingle with the over 50% OF BLACK women who have and spread herpes every day!

  14. really Strom, M. Weaver and the others are right, consider calling eh ? it will help, and obviously no one takes you seriously at all. its the right thing to do.

  15. Hey Lamar look what u got urself into!!!! Everyone knows you’re DRUG free fine you resisted Drug tes, but you were also tested and nothing was found so why the f**k won’t they leave u alone.

    Klhoe is Crap look @ the way she talks to her own Husband Get HELP or GET OUT???? Like a piee of sh’t well I blame u for marrying from a family of whores!!!

  16. Poor ST. Is it the message or messenger you object too? Help is what the 50% + need!

  17. we object to the drooling fixations and all the mindless hatred and obsessions

  18. And we object to the enablement of the ghetto rappers, and the spread of stds by those who are irresponsible but taught dependency by their BLACK leaders.

  19. Couldn’t see them doing this bait and switch the truth you are a horrible man for show interest to Kanye not long ago.. but oh my he also fell under the make-believe show spell and he’s about to be marked as fair game to diss and destroy.. become such a comic doofus man conned by them too.

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