Kimora Lee Simmons keeps insisting that she is NOT pregnant with her boyfriend Djimon Hounsou’s baby. “Lies, lies, lies!” She told NY writer Simon Doonan “I am NOT expecting a child. One day I may be and it will be fabulous!” (We recall a reporter asking what Kimora wanted for Christmas this past year and she answered “A baby.”) Anyway, if she’s NOT expecting, how does Kimora explain the fact that she’s looking “hefty” – to put it politely. Former models – especially ‘”fabulous” ones- rarely leave the house looking bloated. There’s more to this story than meets the eye.

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  1. A skank of the highest order, or just plain filthy trash.

  2. Well then, you’re fat as hell. Need to drop about 30 or 40 lbs. Bittttttttch!!

  3. Oh man, what an Amazon!!! Russell Simmons no doubt is sooooo glad to be free of that huge blob.

  4. She is just a freaking big woman, what else can you say. Oh, except, no talent.

  5. or she is waiting until the first trimester is safely over then she will “announce” that “surprise!” – she is pregnant.

  6. Kimora Lee Simmons keeps insisting that she is NOT pregnant??? but what’s that? a sweet cat? you will see the trueth on which is a dating site for interracial singles. she lies to us!

  7. She is lying for the attention and will finally admit it when she’s pushing the baby around in a stroller. Quit reporting on her, she’s just a no talent attention whore whose career would have been over after her teen modeling years if she didn’t ride Russell Simmons’ coattails and marry him and reproduce to keep the money coming to her.

  8. No, she is not “fat as hell” but after having her children she has struggled with her weight for several years now.

  9. She is Fat as Hell ! Go take some Adderall like the rest of the celebrity trash.

  10. Why are you giving this no-talent, goldigging whore p.r.? She doesn’t deserve a mention.

  11. You guys are such idiots!!!
    I bet if you took a good look in the mirorr you would have to make an emergency call whores “r” us !Shut up !

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