Uh -oh. We were afraid this might happen. It looks like Rihanna’scelebration of pregnancy” look has caught on. When Rihanna was expecting she started wearing VERY skimpy outfits that exposed and played up her expanding midsection. Many times the get-ups were TOO skimpy and in questionable taste- especially for occasions like elegant restaurants. This IS a red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival, but Brazilian supermodel Adriana Lima sorely lacks elegance and looks more like a belly dancer than a supermodel here. Using Rihanna as a role model is not always a good idea. This look will be hard to forget…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA



  1. well, this is just not a great look, pregnant or otherwise, but there’s nothing wrong with celebrating the life growing inside. it’s a very proud moment for most moms when you start buldging. who cares?! good for them!

  2. She took the drapes down and wrapped it around her underwear. Not a good look.

  3. This is not a good look on any woman. Who wants to see a big fat belly on show

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