Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

Flamboyant Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta turns heads in New York as she walks into NBC studios. That loud, skin-tight shiny dress (she IS pregnant) and huge wig sets her apart from subtle and practical New Yorkers. She definitely looks like an out-of-towner. Meg Ryan, on the other hand fits right in with the locals as she talks on the phone and shops in Soho. Meg is currently filming “Lives of the Saints.”
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  1. I want Meg’s fabulous jackets….Her style is fabulous..

  2. Try the Hadassah Thrift store, Phyllis. You certainly know the place!

  3. I like Meg Ryan but not her shoes. Poor kid looks like she is ready to work the docks (loading & unloading trucks). Her shoes are ugly so I am hoping that they are comfortable.

    Other than her big clubby shoes, I think Meg is adorable.

  4. Is KZ screwing BLACKS like the Kard’s? She seems the type from appearance.

  5. Kim looks like a cheap ho. Will 10$ be enough, trashy Kim?

    Meg Ryan on the other hand looks lovely. LOVE LOVE LOVE her jacket!

  6. one of these two women here is wearing a very cheap wig.
    …….WHO, folks?

  7. If the dyke look is appealing, then Meg Ryan is indeed rocking it! Gr-ooooss

    KIm Z IS way too over the top, but at least she looks feminine. Hate the wigs, by the way.

  8. When you know you are going to be on TV for promotion you SHOULD dress up. Meg is on her own time in that old shot you used. Janet you are really stretching!

  9. Meg always looks like she has brushed her hair with an eggbeater, but I think that is just her style.

    And, as per Walt, she always seems to wear big steel toe heavy work shoes.

  10. Indy, Ryan always amazes me. She is tiny person (tall, super slim, small built, but seems healthy). It just looks as though she wouldn’t be able to lift those big ole shoes. I’ve seen her some shoes that I believe are hiking boots and they are enormous on her. She’s still a cutie though. : )

  11. It looks like Kim stole a page from Gone With The Wind, using Scarlett O’Hara’s idea of making a dress out of draperies. And why is she wearing form fitting in a bright color with that pot belly? I want to say she’d make a great drag queen, but even drag queens aren’t serious.

  12. Janet, I hope you “upped” your wig game and your sense of fashion choices leave little to be desired.

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