Can Chris Brown do ANYTHING right? His actions and attitude just continue to repel. Now he’s breeding and selling pit bulls. His own dogs are NOT neutered. (He’s far too macho to neuter his dogs like a RESPONSIBLE pet owner.) We saw his ad for CB Breeds a few days ago and couldn’t believe it was real. But it is. He’s advertising to sell 8 two month old puppies for $1000 a pop. Just what the world needs – more pit bulls. Shelters everywhere are overloaded with sad, abandoned pit bulls desperately needing homes. And many people feel because of their unpredictable dispositions they should no longer be bred at all. But, of course, none of these things matter to “Mr Macho” Chris Brown.



  1. He’s a woman beater and now an irresponsible breeder. Not a fan.

  2. I agree Walt, but just look at that adorable face! The puppy of course, not CB.

  3. I know. I know Denise. Your right. Puppies turn me to goo just like babies do.

    He doesn’t deserve be around either…..unless not until he can be a sincere and genuinely thoughtful person.

    He isn’t the only want that deserve children or dogs. Octomom is getting on my last nerve. Where are the children’s beds and blankets? Where do the kids sleep ? It is impossible for one person to be able to give the kids all the love and attention they need in one day. Those kids need to be around love. Does someone else live in the house with her and the children?

  4. Totally irresponsible. But what else would you expect from a woman beater? Poor pups.

  5. Is he so hard up for cash that he has to breed and sell dogs!?

    Why do people insist on breeding dogs that have a bad reputation for attacking people, including children – for all the breeds of dogs, there is no logic here.

  6. Over 75% of the dogs at the local humane society are pit bulls. People get them and then dump then when they get to be too much to handle. I shudder to think what kind of morons would buy dogs from this clown.

  7. I don’t care what anybody says, pitbulls are dangerous. In this area one attacks somebody often, last week it was a little girl’s face all ripped up by her Grandma’s pitbull

  8. Didn’t his mother do this? He’s a rich celeb what the hell does he need with 2k??

  9. Brown is such a shady character, I worry that he might be breeding pit bulls for fighting and these are extras. I don’t trust that he is simply breeding these dogs to sell. I have always found him repulive, and now even more so, which I didn’t think was possible. If he is raising fight dogs, I hope he is caught and put in jail, where I think he should be anyway. I simply loathe this person.

  10. I really dislike this chipmunk looking piece of shit!

  11. Hollywoody5000, “I worry that he might be breeding pit bulls for fighting and these are extras. ”

    You maybe on to something. I wouldn’t be surprised. For the sake of the animals, I hope not.

  12. Dispicable waste of a human being. We have other celebrities who give their time to good causes and work to bring awareness to the plight of homeless and shelter animals. And this guy is the exact opposite. I can not find one redeeming quality. I also wouldn’t be surprised if he’s into dog fighting. So sad.

  13. i had a pittbull and she was the sweetest and kindest creature that i met

  14. I live in Ontario, Canada and the government has banned the breeding of pit bulls here. I used to volunteer at an SPCA in NY State and there were mandatory home checks for anyone who had applied to adopt a pit bull. There are too many people abusing these dogs for fighting.

  15. Who the hell ever liked him anyway. Only the dumb skanks standing in line for a chance to get the snot beaten out of them. And if gossip columns are to be believed, Rihanna is one of the ones standing in line. This is beyond belief. I hope one of the pit bulls bites his weewee off.

  16. hes gay. Thats where his pent up anger comes from. The abuse part is what he learned from his parents. Not a good combination. He will phil spector someone soon.

  17. By the way? Where’s PitBull Lover?
    She’s been MIA for a while.

  18. First of all Chris Brown is far more dangerous than a well raised pit bull. I myself own one and she is a sweet heart of a gal, she is eleven years old and never so much as growled at a living thing be it a person or a pesky squirrel or rabbit. And when she passes on I will get another. The breed is not the issue; the issue is people like Chris Brown who breed them for more than companionship purposes. Know this, American Pit Bull Terriers are great and loving dogs, even ones that have been mistreated by fighters can still be loveable. Stop blaming the breed and blame the breed of humans who have turned this wonderful dog into something to be feared. At the end of the day anything that has been mistreated can act out, even people.

  19. Very well said Dawn. Any dog, whatever breed, can be taught to be aggressive. I know people with pitbulls who say they are lovely dogs.

  20. I am a true animal lover and not only have my own pets, but also am involved with rescue, animal rights and many animal causes.

    It is my opinion that pit bull breeding should be outlawed federally. Let everyone keep their dogs and sell, adopt, whatever existing dogs, but lets not make any more. As I say this I fear and dislike ‘Breed Legislation,’ but I don’t know what else to suggest.

    I know that there will always be an underground market, but it would stop a lot of the dog fighting ( which is now a felony in all states ) and stop the tragedies to people and animals who fall prey to that pit who is poorly trained, un-neutered and aggressive.

    These dogs have a couple hundred years of fighting history bred into them, jaws that lock and a prey drive like a herd of rhinos.

    My family and pets are currently being terrorized by one who lives in our neighborhood and I only pray that these people move soon. I am afraid to take my dog for a walk and have spent hundreds repairing my fences from this charging nutball.

  21. Janet, you often write stupid things that showcase your break with reality but this one really pissed me off. I’m so sick of stupid people blaming the dogs and not the owners. Pit Bulls can be great dogs and family members. Like humans, if they are abused enough they can turn deadly, but I don’t see you writing that people should stop breeding. Write responsibly – it’s not that hard.

  22. …am I the only person in the world that believes the fight between Rhianna and Chris was a mutual drunk thing that went to far???

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