Tom Cruise’s handsome son Connor, 17, has cleverly figured a way to have a successful career in spite of a crippling lack of education. Connor and his sister Isabella were home schooled under Scientology principles and that means they know a LOT about L Ron Hubbard, and very little about anything else. A Scientology education ends very early because the group feel the less young members know about the real world, the better. Connor is dabbling in acting and he has started a successful business as a DJ. He calls himself DJ C-Squared, and spins at clubs in New York, Las Vegas, and LA. Connor no longer has to ask his dad for money.


  1. There’s no such thing as Scientolgy Education. It’s more like one long and creepy seminar of brainwashing.


    I feel sorry for him and Isabella. The poor kids go from homeless to cult. They have one parent that didn’t see to notice them until Suri was born. Then the mother didn’t care to begin with. It was all a status thing and an opportunity to soften her cold cold imagine.

    Kidman has two little girls now. they seem unhappy. Kidman doesn’t even seem to know how to hold them or pick them up. I think she is just ice cold. I think of Joan Crawford every time I see Kidman with her photo opportunity kids. I don’t believe she ever gave birth to a child in her life.

  2. Does that explain all the Scientology starlet sand actors in Hollywood making movies?

    I need Maury, ASAP, on him and his baby daddy’s dna.

  3. Nicole Kidman should do everything in her power to try to get Connor and Bella out of Scientology. Unfortunately it is probably too late, even if she cared. It is well known that she refused to be a SCI and that is why the divorce. SCI is so evil, if she tried to get them out I think tiny Tom would put out a hit on her, as Scientology is his very life. When Judgment Day arrives, the tiny one will see his huge mistake, as will all other SCI’s who will drop into hell on that Great Day.

  4. Connor Cruise has turnec into a nice looking young man.

    A little off topic here, but I was wondering if Mila Kunis is trying to sway Ashton over to The Scientologists way of thinking? Just wonderin’

  5. don’t panic, folks.

  6. Nicole Kidman moved back more regularly to Los Angeles to be near her two older kids once Bella turned 18. Once Nicole denounced Scientology her kids were not suppose to be associated with her. She has struggled to be with her kids. Conner is so handsome and to me looks a lot like his father Tom….I always wondered about that?????

  7. Connor and His sister Isabella’s real parents are in Scientology’s Sea Org
    indentured with a Billion Year contract.
    Neither child would have much of a life as Children with Sea Org Parents..Sea Org Members make $50 or less a week and their Kids get little to no education other than Scientology.
    if they Grew up in that Environment the kids would also have to Join the Sea Org at the age of 10 to 12 yrs of age.and themselves sign a Billion Year contract.

    His real fathers name Is Franc and works as a Sea Org Security guard in LA

  8. outofreach, In other words, Connor’s parents are Scientology slaves that are imprisoned for life. ?

  9. Why did Connor’s parents give up their child? And why did Isabella’s? What else do you know?

  10. Janet, because they are in a cult and not too stable mentally. Eh?

  11. Of course Tom Cruise hates education, and sent his kids to scientology “school” because Cruise is special ed. himself, and had a very unsuccessful educational experience. The jumping on the couch says everything about him being super hyper, and unable to focus. He can, however, focus long enough to spit out the words in a script. His character in “Magnolia” is probably the closest to how he really is.

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