Imagine that! We’d forgotten that Lindsay Lohan had already done a photographic take-off on Elizabeth Taylor early in her career. She appeared on the cover of Interview magazine in 2006 made up to look like iconic Liz and we’re pretty sure she used this to impress producers of her upcoming Lifetime movie Liz and Dick.



  1. Horrible! Doesn’t look anything like ET. If anything, she looks freakish, like a Halloween costume or something. These lifeline idiots are obviously using LL only for the publicity. The movie will no doubt be a piece of crap.

  2. Here is another product of greedy stage parents. Here she is in her mid twenties and her parents are just as messed up as she is. Terribly sad.


    When they cast an actor or actress for a part, they look for some similiaries but because they are actors, just to have the basics is usualy enough. The talent is what prevails. No one else is going to look like Taylor. or Monroe or Jimmy Stewart or Gary Cooper…etc.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if she had the talent and skill to actually pull it off. If I hired her, I would make her sign a strict contract with sleep requirements, drug testing requirements, healthy eating, excercising…etc. and be no more 1 hr away from filming at all time.

  3. Well said, Walt, and so very true!

    Its all in the mannerisms and linguistics.

  4. They just want to be the last producers with footage of LL before she overdoses. Like the producers of Whitney Houston’s last movie. I see this as a savvy biz move but she sure as hell doesn’t look like Liz.

  5. Hate to say it but she’s a mess. Her Saturday Night Live appearance was a dud. She was too partied out to make her taping of Ellen. She may be in trouble again for starting a fight last week while she was, what else, partying. She was late to her taping of Glee today because – drum roll – she stayed out late partying. Lindsay may have some raw talent, but she’s as unprofessional as they come. I’ll be extremely surprised if she manages to bring the bacon for this role.

  6. Is that the crack whore version of Liz? No resemblance at all. Too skinny and skanky.

  7. these are the mosr brightest things she can think of at the moment in her situation.
    dressing up like a kindergarten pupil?


  8. Who’s idea was to cast this crackhead as Liz T.Bad choice,she looks nothing like her.

  9. What are they, blind? Have they never seen Elizabeth Taylor before?

    I agree that talent is the main thing, but Lindsay at her best couldn’t pull that off; and it’s not like she’s been practicing acting (well, maybe in court)

    I would love to see a good Elizabeth Taylor biopic (wasn’t this one supposed to be Burton and Taylor, or am I mixing it up with another bad production?) but sadly I think this isn’t going to be it.

  10. Sorry…NO WAY!
    Sherilynn Fenn was WAY more beautiful, but they screwed up THAT ETaylor biotvmovie big time.
    History does NOT have to repeat itself!
    Get Ms Lohan another gig…lake playing a queen zombie on True Blood (THAT would be FUN!)

  11. …let’s see, drunk/druggie “actress” pushed by their mothers…I think LL is a perfect fit for ET…

  12. not only did they hire lindsay,

    the didn’t have her sign anything for drug testing, being on time etc to keep her in line.

    it’s just for the publicity, how much you want to bet they will get someone else like in the “Linda Lovelace” movie

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