Photos via: Daily Mail

It looks like Courtney Stodden is becoming a popular international pinup because she does so many sexy photo shoots. The teenage bride is back on the beach only this time she’s wearing a white tutu. She tossed a volleyball around and took a ride on her bike with every eyelash in place. You know she’s determined to be famous because she’s been doing these beach shoots in sunny, but definitely chilly weather.


  1. Why does this 17 year old child look like a 40 year old stripper? Someone sexually abused her IMO…..

  2. @Gross, I think you are the only person that believes she is a 17 year old child. No way in hell. It would be nice if Janet would stop posting stories about this crazy.

  3. Janet, how can you hype her?

    You usually have better taste.

    Next thing we know you’ll start posting about all the other no-talent fame-hungry idiots like the ubiquitous K family, those mtv losers H and S, or M “constantly talk about my daughter to get in the papers” L

  4. …courtney, I know you’re reading this so please consider my words…you look way older than the age you claim to be…that’s it…stop aging yourself…I’m not jealous, I don’t want your life…I’m a 46 year old middle class housewife who is very settled…stop aging yourself…in my opinion, you look late 20s, early 30s easy…

  5. Hahaha wont be long before she is regulated to screwing BLACKS! Plenty of married NBA stars looking for blondes..even dumb ones.

  6. What the frack is wrong with her feet? They look nasty and puffy and have lines where her lucite hooker cha cha heels were. Her toes look red and swollen. Eeeewwwwww!

  7. Where are her Shawna Sands lucite hooker shoes? 17 my ass.

  8. E, I’m thinking, bloggers must get paid to post her pics. Any publicity is good, right!??

  9. I noticed the chubby puffy feet also. She does look way older than 17.

  10. I also think she was abused as a child, there is something really wrong with her

  11. There is something really unpleasant looking about her face…can’t put my finger on it.

  12. Palermo, I have thought the same thing. I consider it a form of child abuse for the parents to encourage this type of “entertainment” to begin with. What kind of a father and mother want their little girl to dress like that or act like that.

  13. Exactly Walt. Well, of course there is Kris Kardashian, she seems to approve of such things

  14. Palermo, Your right Kardashian is another good example.

    Did you or anyone else notice on the photo Kris Jenner posted of Kim Kardashian sleeping in her bed? Did any of you notice that Kim was wearing the same grey top (at least that is what it looked like) that she was seen earlier in the day with K. West? You know that picture was staged big time.

    Of course, this isn’t the first time those two have tried to stage a photo.

    (“Kim in the back of a limo talking about her marriage with her mom Kris Jenner was actually shot December 6th, not when they were on their way to Dubai in October as the episode indicated.”) —–

  15. There is a huge difference from Marilyn Monroe, for instance, to the trash pictured above. What a nasty look on that things face.


  17. Muffie, sadly, I think that you are right.

    Before this, I had thought that the off-articles were just Janet just posting stuff about her friends (Bebe Buell, Angelyne)

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