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Sorry for all the Kardashian news, but these photos are too funny to pass up. When Kim Kardashian makes a fashion mistake, she makes it in a big way! Apparently she didn’t check out the back view of her skin-tight outfit in Miami because her pantyless bottom is clearly visible under the sheer skirt. She’s trying to catch a look in the reflection of a car, but doesn’t see anything amiss.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. Not only does she have a HUGE ass, butt(haha)
    she is a huge ass!

  2. Her ass looks retarded. Whoever told her that was attractive must really hate her. The whore needs to go on a diet.

  3. maybe this was the meaning of all this?

  4. Her sloppy ass is another Statue of Liberty to BLACK men. It is wide, white, and welcoming, and has been entered by the masses!

  5. It is hard to believe that she wasn’t aware the skirt is see thru and undoubtedly wore no underwear for attention-what else is new? She has no talent or class so she must continue to degrade herself to get attention. She has mutilated her body and looks more freakish and assinine everyday.

  6. The heaviest mutilation has been done in areas you can’t see!

    But in all the ghetto rapper magazines and websites this picture may well win the Hot Bitch of the Year prize. Runner up will be Nicki M.

  7. I wish, I wish, I WISH the entire internet would ban this skanky woman. It’s so obvious that she has no idea how fugly she really is.

  8. Her very sloppy ass is another Statue of Liberty to BLACK men.

    It is wide, white, and welcoming, and has been entered by the masses!

  9. That is the most ill-fitting schmatta I’ve seen her in to date!! She either needs to lose weight or buy a bigger size that actually FITS, regardless of the size number on the label!

  10. any One WHO THINKS SHE DID not KNOW ANYONE actually see her ass like this had half their brain removed….
    PLEASE…… every thing they do is so contrived.

  11. I was revolted to see her smirking when Kanye got into the fight with the female pap. She loves all the drama about herself. The epitome of a stupid woman, she can’t see if he gets mad over that one day he will punch her in the face too. Idiot.

  12. Pretty witty missyco. The Katrashians have sunk even lower(how is that possible?). There is not one nice thing to say about the outfit or the wearer. Grotesque ass, weird binding top and totally classless. We can only hope this is not from her Sears collection.

  13. I’m can’t tell the difference between the huge, square ass hanging on for dear life from her backside or the one she wears on her face. They truly give the living dead a new meaning.

  14. yoyo: LOL

    BUTT, what do we care about her ass for? She will get her just dues sooner or later. It should be sooner rather than later, in fact it’s very overdue. Basically tho, (very basically), maybe she should be pitied, as her brain must be really scrambled by now, what with all the crapola she pulls off.

  15. Wow. A bra, a curtain, a belt, and shoes. Kim, that’s not a good wow. It’s a speechless wow.

  16. CDAN reports she and Kanye went to dinner. Either the restaurant staff had to use industrial strength sanitizer on the chair seat, or Kanye got stuck with the reupholstery bill.

  17. I read somewhere today that she called the paps to let them know where they would be . I wonder if this is one of “Kanye’s ” designs ? Didn’t he make her get rid of her clothes and wear only the ones he approved of and bought for her ?? Ugh .
    I never thought I would see the day we wouldn’t be forced to see Paris Hilton everyday but it FINALLY came . Hopefully this family will be next on the list ? One can only hope I guess .

  18. Very gross and ghetto but not so different from seeing all the jewish women who’ve had massive plastic surgery and make sure to wear plenty of diamonds and other glitz along with massive exterior brands on their clothes and accessories….probably Phyllis could add more to this.

  19. Soon she will modify this dress with a target and bullseye at the spot of the anal opening to make it easier for BLACK men!

  20. Strom your anal obsession is disgusting,don’t you understand it’s as gross as she is.

  21. Very gross and ghetto but not so different from seeing all the jewish women who’ve had massive plastic
    Your a bigot who ruining this site.

  22. You missed about half the post, but anyway please point out any inaccuracy.

  23. It’s kind of sad that Kim is actually flashing her “shock” love handles and her incredible huge butt. I am kind of amazed that she didn’t look in the mirror to check out her backside before going out with that horrible outfit on. Poor woman. Huge butt!

  24. Susan I don’t know if this is one of Kanye’s designs but it is custom tailored to her body.

    So she did know exactly the effect it would have.

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