We love to see how celebrities have evolved through the years. RadarOnline dug up this photo of Kendra Wilkinson back when she was a stripper in her hometown of San Diego. Besides her obvious implants, do you think she had her nose done? Most important of all is the fact that her makeup skills improved dramatically. A little goes a long way.


  1. UUUUUUUGGGGGGGG!!!! I really jumped back from the screen when that popped out at me from behind the ad! I clicked off the ad over the photo and was immediately SORRY I did! My GAWD Janet…warn a person, will ya?! What the HELL!!! I’m assuming you’re asking about the picture on the left? What the hell is up with that horrible GIANT nose? It looks like a balloon nose! In fact, the whole face looks swollen and balloon-like, puffy under the eyes like she’s just had fillers or some kind of botox or shots of something to fill it out there. Nothing normal about the whole face! Not to mention the hideous over aplication of black around the eyes. The forehead looks like a plastic tie-on mask forehead. Is this an OLD picture, or is the one on the left the NEW picture (I so hope NOT for her sake)!!! And on the right side she needs to cover up those roots. What the hell is wrong with these Hollywood types and their fake hair? Can’t they be bothered to keep it up and dye the damn middles? It looks like shit that damn dark streak down the middle of your head!!!!

  2. Hollywood whore, nothing more.

    I have to disinfect my computer screen now.


  3. The nose is still the same. Where is her garbage bag evening dress? You know, the Hefty, shiny black plastic.

  4. One word. COCAINE!!
    Anyone remember Yasmine Bleeth back in her Coke hey day? Her nose was massive, she was almost unrecognizable. Same thing here with Kendra. She has stated that she was a junky back in the day.
    Take notes Kiddies, Don’t Do Drugs!!!

  5. don’t talk shit, folks. The left picture is just a close op.
    She hasn’t got the nerves nor the money to do plastic surgery.
    anyway: THIS IS GOOD FOR HER………

  6. I only know her from the clips The Soup would run of her laughing. i never watched her show, or care one iota about her, but her laugh is hilarious. I think that photo on the left is pre-surgery, its like her eyes are wide-spread. Maybe it is just a closeup. I can’t tell. Its not a great pic, that’s fer sure…the right photo looks more human, at least…

  7. better eyebrows that don’t make her nose look so big. she also lost weight

  8. all the PS in the world will not cancel out the inherent skankiness of this one…..

  9. Down the road in about 5 years is when I want to see her and her future.

  10. Nose job. Of course. What “celebrity” hasn’t had their nost tweaked? If you find one, let me know because THAT would be real news.

  11. Once a ho, always a ho, and she’s homely to begin with. Most strippers are homely, but made to look semi-decent with makeup, a ton of it.

  12. Geez, you guys said it all. The pink lipstick though looks way better than the red.

  13. Natalie, you said it.

    What is it with celebs? They get their noses done even when it is completely unnecessary. It is as if having your God-given nose is a crime in Hollywood.

  14. I cannot believe she took a picture of her new nose before the swelling went down! Maybe someone told her she looked OK! Poor girl, the previous nose fit her face just fine!

  15. We’ve all seen the photos/tapes of her with the big schnozz and teeny boobs, of course her new look is all fake

  16. Must def. a nose “reduction.” Her mother has/ (had) the same nose. The dr. who did it was a good one though, just thinned it out a bit so it’s more natural.

  17. I always wonder how men who marry/make love/have sex with women with these huge fake tits can stand it. Like Her husband Hank. How can he stand playing with big bags of silicone or saline while he getting it on with her? I would find that so unappealing and dick deflating if I were a guy. My sister had fake ones and made me feel them and I couldn’t believe how awful they felt. She wound up getting them out a few years later, and one of them had been leaking and the silicone was all inside her chest and other places where it had traveled to. I wouldn’t risk my health by putting foreign bodies into myself unless it were to save my life. Also to rebuilt after breast cancer, but other than that ther is no good reason to risk your health for the look of these hideous looking fake tits. They nEVER look right or good. NEVER. Pam Anderson anyone?

  18. All the women in porn have them, so some men see them as the ultimate. Sad and pathetic but true.

  19. The fake boobs to me is as bad as a women shaving all of her pubic hair. Don’t get it and never will.

  20. Lenny, I don’t get that either. All of a sudden everyone in Hollywood started talking about waxing “everything”! And the women make the guys get their chest, legs and arms done too. I myself always liked a hairy chest. Like to run my fingers thru it. It’s sexy, and arm hair is too. I like a man who is MANLY. I could never handle a shaved guy, I’d throw him right out of bed and give him a swift kick in his bald balls to boot!

  21. Look at old Playboy magazines, when the fake boobs and the hairless pussies became the in thing the sales started to go down. No one wants to see someone who looks like there 9 years old. Even men are starting this crap.

  22. Yeah, I’ve noticed on several shows where it gets mentioned that the girls are talking about wanting the guys clean-shaven or waxed “everywhere”. I’m flabbergasted as a woman because I could NEVER find that attractive. Like (I think) Lenny said, I’d feel like I was toughing a little boy/teenager and THAT”S not appealing! I want a man, ALL MAN, nothing fake about him, and I’m surprised at men who don’t want a REAL woman too. How they can stand playing with skin-covered bags of silicone, I’ll never understand.

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