Hollywood names are being tossed around with varied opinions about who should star in the feature film of iconic President Ronald Reagan’s life. It’s simply called “Reagan” and the movie begins with the 1981 assassination attempt and flashes back and forward in his life. The producer Mark Joseph promises it will be nothing like the unflattering 2003 miniseries starring James Brolin. The Hollywood Reporter speculates that Zac Efron, Chris Pine, or James Franco might do Reagan justice, but we think an unknown actor with no baggage would be far more satisfying.


  1. What a challenge, finding an actor to play the man who initiated the fall of the American Empire.

  2. BTW, as you might guess, I hated Reagan as a politician. However, he was a handsome man – MAN being the key word. The idea of Zac Ephron, Chris Pine, James Franco, or any of the other Hollywood girly-boys playing Reagan is ridiculous. But then the handsome and hyper-macho Josh Brolin played the wimpy pin-head George W. Bush, so…

  3. It is ALWAYS frustrating and disappointing when they try to portray an actual person who was well known and had definite quirks and looks and mannerisms. It is more than just mimicing. I’ve NEVER seen a believable portrayal.
    I vote for Either an unknown and throw it out and scrap it if it isn’t nailed, or how bout this: don’t do it to begin with. We all know the story anyway, and those who WANT to know more can certainly go find a book that spells it out. Ditto for all the other biographies of uncopiable famous people. It can’t be done, leave them alone and let us have our un-screwed-up memories of them. Hollywood needs to get busy and actually write some new, fresh, GOOD material and stop all this copying from TV and redoing old movies, and sequels.We, the public, are bored to death. Why do you think we don’t go anymore? Let alone expecting us to pay thru the nose for this dreck!

  4. I agree Reta, make this a star-making vehicle – find an unknown who can act and really resembles Reagan – or forget it.

  5. this is the one who made the united states BIG!!
    (together with michael jackson)

  6. Bettye Bluejay, how about Sean Hayes (Jack from Will & Grace)?


  7. Lenny, and Indy, every North American and Briton is helping the fall – we are all to blame.

  8. Sebastian: You have made a really big point there. So true. Only one good thing is better now and that is the smoking ban in most places. In olden days, they lit up all the time thinking it looked so cool and sophisticated.

  9. Nobody dared critize dubya when he was supposed to be the president because you’d get your phone tapped.

  10. I’m soooo glad to be rid of that colossal moron Bush! Idiot couldn’t even figure out how to get out of a room! And those double-speak sentences were mind-boggling! If I never hear his voice again, it will be too soon! Bring on the megaphone cheerleader!

  11. At the risk of ingiting fury, I have to say I hope you all realize how much the rest of the world was – LITERALLY- laughing at America and Americans when Bush was in office. He was the ultimate American stereotype. Canada has had some awful Prime Minsters, but not one of them has been anywhere near as ridiculous as George and Babs’ little boy.

  12. If you think they were laughing then, they probably are falling over backward now.

  13. Sebastian, we all know he was a laughingstock. Damn, he knew he was a laughingstock. But this pales in comparison to who we have now; this one induces fear.

  14. I wonder if Chesterfields will have the Christmas card carton available this year? What an ad!

  15. I hope you will use an unknown actor, if you can find one as handsome as Ronald Reagan, and it would help if he is a conservative. Good luck finding one in left wing Hollywood.

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