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She probably never looked at it this way but Hilary Duff married a man physically much older than his 29 years. Mike Comrie battles pain every day – he’s been banged up and injured so many times playing rough hockey (an occupational hazard) that he has to use some kind of machine before he goes to sleep at night to “freeze” his muscles and alleviate pain so he can sleep. Mike’s back, legs and arms have been injured. He takes medication all the time and has regular physical therapy sessions. He’s been benched a lot due to injuries. Hilary will have to get used to the fact that when you marry a hockey player, you keep lots of ice packs in the refrigerator.



  1. Calling Comrie a ‘Hockey player’ is akin to calling Duff an ‘Actress’ Hils is going to be quite chuffed when Comrie makes her move to Edmonton to sell bargain basement furniture.

  2. ha ha Pippa, agree. Her love of his big money won out over the daily frustrations of hearing him creak and groan. I have read (don’t know if it’s true) that she is a bitching diva type. Soon, it will be separate bedrooms, if not already. She needs beauty sleep, and lots of it.

  3. I know one sure fire way to get a man into deep deep sleep…and it works every time…no pills…no machines…and newlyweds are usually particularly inclined to be adept at it…anybody dumb enough to ask? I knock my boyfriend out every time!

  4. Why have actresses taken to hockey players? These guys make football players look like the characters in a Jane Austen novel.

    I guess if you hang around with gay boys much of the time – because of your career – you don’t just want a MAN, you want a bit of rough.

  5. He looks like a retard. Coz this is what he is. In max. 3 years they will divorce, mark my words.

  6. Mike gets benched a lot because he’s not the most consistent player and often times sucks. He’s on the disabled list because of his injuries.

  7. Ever been to a hockey game? The audience are animals, especially Chicago fans. He looks to be not so bright. Maybe a match made in heaven.

  8. LOL Bluejay… and true.

    As the said in South Park: Blame Canada!

  9. um I’m sure she/anyone knows that and she is just fine with it. he is a hockey player as far as I can see and she is like the only likeable young celeb who actually works and stays out of tabloid.
    Wow! a lot of cynics bitter people. I saw her on a interview show and she gushed about him like he was the love of her life. can always change but these two aren’t a tabloid couple and mostly sound low key. and seriously, they both have equal amount of money. His father owns furniture store and her father owns convenience stores.
    lol at bitter people! let it go.

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