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Russell Brand looks a lot more prepared for a bike ride than his wife Katy Perry does. Katy rode through Central Park in a short lacey dress and sandals but she managed to keep her skirt down. The Brands just purchased a 6.5 million dollar house in Los Feliz with seven bedrooms, so it makes one wonder if babies are in the near future or are they having too much fun acting like kids themselves…


  1. The light hair suits Ms Perry much better than her usual dark. I like it!

    In this photo the Mrs looks a little peeved at the Mr.

  2. She’s a doll. I love her sunglasses and dress, but can’t stand him in any way shape or form. hopefully they’ll really wait for a long while to pop kids out because I have a feeling they won’t last too very long.

  3. for russell there is a huge dildo installed instead of just an ordinary saddle.

  4. They sold the Los Feliz place and bought a new one up Sunset Plaza. She is irredeemably stupid, but he’s fun and smart (except for his choice in women).

  5. Russell does not seem the type that Katy would go for (and vice versa). Hope the 1000’s of women he claimed he bedded did not give him a bacteria/virus/germ that is simmering within him and will manifest later. They should both make a trip to the Health department for a checkup, and quick.

  6. Opposites attract. I hope they make it. Too many people don’t take their vows serious. I hope this pair are around with anniversary numbers like Stiller and Meara. I know, I know, who? But you have seen them in various moves and shows. Seinfeld. King of Queens. Ben Stiller’s parents.

  7. Stiller and Meara are the exception when they should be the rule, jojo. I actually like this couple, they look like they’re having a good time just being together. I’m surprised no one has mentioned the lack of helmets, but it looks like they’re just cruising slowly.

  8. Her lighter hair color suits her, and he just might be okay looking if he cleaned up and got a haircut.

  9. Maybe this is her real hair color, who knows. I always wondered if that jet black hair was a wig, with bangs and shoulder length, kind of like what Liz Taylor wore in “Cleopatra”. Is that red stuff in the back a kind of ponytail?

  10. Anne Bancroft, Mel Brooks….. guess my love of old hollywood is waxing nostalgic today.

  11. I can’t understand how Russell got to be famous (semi-famous). He has made a fool of himself on 2 or 3 talk shows, always interrupting the host and trying too hard to be funny. Plus, he looks like a typical serial killer, Charles Manson eyes.

  12. You’ve gotta be nuts if you think Mel Brooks didn’t cheat on Annie Bancroft. He did, all the time. He’s really a vile man.

  13. Hope your having a good time at the park and just matter of facts where are your caps for your head…THE GEER ON YOUR HEAD IS MISSING AND CAN’T YOU GET SOME TICKETS COMING YOUR WAY SOON and yes it is nice to see your whole face and head but you are breaking the law.?

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