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Never a dull moment with Lady Gaga. She’s in Taipei promoting her album “Born This Way” and decided to pop into a yoga class at Pure Yoga there. The other yogis in class could barely tear their eyes away from her outlandish black stretchy outfit and matching yoga mat. She DID take off her spiked boots. Word spread fast that she was in class and around 500 people were waiting outside when she left.



  1. Cool!! I bet there were a lot of men ogling her during class, tryings to sneak a peek through her lace outfit.

    I don’t believe it though, just another publicity stunt by The Gaga Mega Monster Money Machine.

  2. None of those people behind her are dressed for yoga either. In fact, it looks to me from what I can see of the people behind her, like a costume party.

  3. lady HA HA is here to bring misery to you all.

  4. As a fitness and fashion fanatic, here’s my take:
    1)Does she take the wig off or does it get caught between her limbs when she switches poses? A wig that heavy would be tricky to put up. Does she spend the whole workout being careful so that the wig does not come loose?
    2)In the really tight poses, like when you try to press your forehead into your legs, does the bright lipstick get smudged across her face?
    3)And exercising in that outfit! Being all covered in fabric that does not breathe, yet it reveals a wrinkling belly every time she bends over or twists?! I don’t get it.

    It’s funny, I wear make-up (as light and neutral as I can, so that sweating will have a less obvious effect on it) and nice clothes to the gym, but I still can’t fathom putting up with all the distractions she is putting between herself and her exercises. It’s not the same as being on stage, where the audience is at a distance.

  5. Gaga was put on this earth to further the continual dumbing down of America.

  6. Silly outfit for a yoga class. Also very self-indulgent as it would distract others in the class.

  7. Can she do the “slither back into obscurity” pose?

  8. I would like to this idiot do a yoga class in that outfit.

  9. Well who is not going to look at you lady Gaga? You would have to be blind to pass up this lovely lady in Black and she is looking incredible and she is looking really Hot and she is the Bomb and she has sugar and spice and everything nice and she has creativaty and she is smart and of course half of the world is madly in love with Lady Gaga and of course all those men and woman are going to watch her make her moves? Her cloths are like no other!

  10. I’ve always liked those that were a bit different and more colorful in life. There’s a little lady & her husband that sit two pews ahead of us in church. Her and her husband are very quite & shy. Every now and then she will wear a bright colorful hat on her tiny little head. That hat tells me that she has a bit of fire in her too. Every now and then, her hard of hearing husband will strain out a fart that is guaranteed to wake up anyone that is napping…..even if you don’t hear it. His wife will always turn to him and punch him in the shoulder with her little fist and say, “Whoa Pa, too much cabbage!”

  11. @Walt,

    LOL!! You’re too funny. That’s actually sweet. All I ever hear in church are gossipers, gum snappers, cell phones, noisy children & a priest who gives his new & improved version of the commandments. I’d take the gas passers any day over that.

  12. @Yoyo
    Thank you. They are a sweet couple and the oldest members of the small church. I would never want them to see me get tickled over it but there are times when I have bit my lip bloody to keep from them hearing me snicker. Even it I manage to make it through the initial sound of the gas, I usually lose it when she makes the cabbage comment. 🙂

  13. Casonia Logenberry Hell's kitchen and Chef Gordon Ramsay...Big talk and no action your ass is going out the door and...I do like Will and Paul and the others are starting to Crumble under the pressure and Every day has to be a good day at Hells kitchens o says:

    Little lady Ga ga and Big shoes looking incredible and…All the men in the world really love lady Ga ga to death and if she asked some one out…They would go with her just like that and she is amazing and strange and weird and she is like no other in this world and she is a star.

  14. All of you people are dumbasses….she states that she changes outfits frequently….she does yoga in her underwear, she just chose to wear this to the gym…why dont u back off her nutz, she looks better than the fat bitch with her rolls hanging out

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