We didn’t realize that Rihanna was one of the “friends “ of Katy Perry that Russell Brand couldn’t stand. Before she met Russell, Katy and Rihanna were close buddies – they both loved to party and took time to vacation together. Russell, a recovering addict, avoids the night life that Katy and Rihanna love. He disapproved of the girls’ hard partying and late hours. Rihanna thought Russell was a sourpuss and a wet blanket. When Rihanna didn’t attend Katy’s wedding the friendship was all but over. Now that Katy and Brand are divorcing, we hope the girls will connect for some fun times again. (Above, Russell looks annoyed by the girls’ horseplay at the January, 2010 Grammys)


  1. Big forehead RR will be spending much time between Katy’s legs in 2012 “consoling” her!

  2. I would kick the shit out (= murder) of a friend that would attempt to give me an annual prostate exam. However, I see Ms. Katy doesn’t mind Rihanna giving her the yearly breast exam.

  3. I guess Katy should have paid attention to the alarm bells that must have been going off in her head, regarding Rihanna’s absence at her wedding. It obviously spoke volumes.

    Russell Brand’s celebrity status rating is definitely going to hit the skids now that this divorce is happening, as everyone thinks KP is the cat’s meow!

  4. Thank goodness he’s free of that fundy brainless twit. Brand is a genius. She was a distraction who benefitted from being associated with him.

  5. Once the novelty of her tits wear off, what does Katy Perry have left to say?

  6. True: I think you have it backwards…Katy brought HIS career up. He’s annoying, ugly, assless (not good on a guy) and in fact, his whole skeletal body makes me sick, including the mouthful of massive gums showing when he smiles or talks. It is very distractive. And he always looks like he has never washed his hair. I can’t for a minute imagine what it must have been like as Katy to be making love to him and go to run her hands thru his hair and get her hands stuck in the hair like glue.

    Not to mention, he looks like he smells like old sweat and ass. Having sex with the likes of him would be akin to being raped…just a huge giant YUCK, that you can’t get the memory of all the sensations out of your head! I will be amazed if he gets any other cute girls. And he is NOT funny in any way shape or form.

  7. that’s why katy divorced russell “The Faggot”, folks!!

  8. Rihanna is low class. We know this and, evidently, so does Russell. He must have been the brains in the marriage.

  9. They never looked good together. I’m with Reta on this one he looks like he smells of ass sweat.

  10. I truly admire Russell for getting clean and wanting to maintain a sober lifestyle. Having said that, he chose a poor bride (and vice versa). He HAD to know she was a party girl and anyone who says I DO with plans to change their partner is asking for trouble.

  11. I think Katy is incredibly immature, plus the fact they could not spend much time together due to their careers ko’d the marriage.

  12. Reta, that mouthful of massive gums showing when he barely grinned is a *major* turnoff. What was Katy thinking? What was he thinking? The conclusion is that they are both *nuts*. AND after spending $million or more on the wedding. Egads, the life of stars is not that great.

  13. Rihanna and her boss, street level pimp and dealer Jay-Zee are certainly interested in getting a piece of Katy’s fortune. They probably drugged her and convinced her to sign away millions.

  14. Not too often the suspicious guy comes out a wise hero and fine person, huh? Katy is her own worst enemy.. cheater and user.

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