For decades, Dr Arnold Klein was the most famous dermatologist in Beverly Hills and he was a pioneer in the development of collagen and other skin injectables. His waiting room was always loaded with celebrities in sunglasses and he was invited to all the best places. Klein had three lavish homes, a collection of cars, and lived like a king. During those heady times, we visited his office to try and dig up some gossip. We found him to be really nice and he loved publicity so he gave us a special price. Now he’s bankrupt and according to the LA Times, is being investigated by the Medical Board of California for overprescribing drugs for Michael Jackson. He may lose his medical license. Before she died, his dear friend Elizabeth Taylor turned on him for publicly dishing details of Michael’s medical and sex life. Klein is now reduced to auctioning off gifts his celebrity clients gave him to try and pay off the 12 million he owes. His behavior makes you wonder if he was sampling his own drugs…



  1. He deserves his problems…unfortunately pervert Michael took the easy way out. He should have been lynched by his horny washed out balls in front of Neverland for his perversions.

  2. Yes, I can understand this situation from personal experience.

    Many years ago I would dine at the famous Minnie’s Cafeteria. Lunch lady #2 liked me (I think it was because I smiled at her and didn’t stare at her hairy chin.) and she always gave me a wink & an extra scoop of mashed potatoes. Before long, she was had made friends with others and more mashed potatoes were dolled out (and winks exchanged I am sure). I can’t say I was surprised when I found out that she popped up in the news for getting caught red handed for loading her Chevette up with oversized containers of mayo and mustard.

    I’ll stop now and try to pull myself together.

  3. Two words: Power corrupts. Michael Jackson was able to thank Dr. Klein for his two oldest kids, though: Debbie Rowe, Jackson’s womb for rent and one of Klein’s former employees, is the bio mom of those kids. 🙂

  4. Mystery man- It sounds like you were leading #2 lunch lady on to benefit your craving for carbs. lol

  5. Well, it is good to see that there are others that are also feeling the consequences of medical malpractice besides Dr. Conrad Murray.

    I personally still feel that Michael was to blame for his own death, but if one doctor goes down, they all should go down! Including the pharmacy/pharmacist that provided all of the drugs that Michael was ingesting on a daily basis.

  6. What I want to know Janet, is what you got done for the “special price”.

    Oh, and Happy New Year all.

  7. Patrick, er, umm, I mean “MysteryMan”—
    you had us at “Chevette.” LMAO! 🙂

  8. “horny washed out balls”,…

    – Jesus Strom … does your brain ever actually work ?

    If it’s not some poorly hidden freakish sexual obsession of yours, it’s those silly race enabler comments.

    Have your ever tried to write something astute or funny ?

    Sorry, stupid question.

  9. Junior J: Give up on the moron known as “strom”. His “mind” is of such a low caliber, the only lobes that work are the parts where hate got stuck. He’s a worthless racist prick that would look lovely as a special fruit in a large heavy tree. I’d be there to applaud loudly at his much too late demise.

  10. Alas Junior, Reta is spot on, Strom is missing far too many pieces.

  11. As for this “doctor” I couldn’t understand why when it first came out in the media about all the things going on between he and MJ that the law didn’t step in. He should have lost his license, been prosecuted for malpractise, and it definitely should have been investigated about that squeamish arrangement to produce children which MJ bought from that hideous large-jawed cow. I don’t believe MJ even supplied the sperm, because I don’t believe he could emotionally face jacking off, let alone sex with a female. Little boys of a prepubesent age were his thing.

    I feel so bad for those children, not knowing who “really” fathered them. And the rediculous names stuck to them. And that poor last child still being called “Blanket” apparently by all, including the media, who aught to stop that shit for the boy’s sake. He’s going to be damaged by that, for sure!

  12. So THAT’S how you turn a little Botox into a business deduction. Smart girl! 🙂

    Happy 2012 to all.

  13. Nope….the description of Mikee and what should have happened to him was right apologies. The BLACK enablers should be very ashamed of themselves.

  14. The BLACK enablers are probably ashamed of themselves Strom, there are BLACK, you know BLACK, I mean BLACK, like BLACK, not WHITE, BLACK. Feel better Strom.

  15. It’s not about posters, Hammer. There is no doubt that Michael the pervert was coddled and enabled for much of his life and that led to a great deal of child molestion, many times with the children’s parent as the providor. The enablers of BLACK Michael should be very ashamed.

  16. MysteryMan isn’t Patrick. His writing style is different. Mystery Man is definitely Walter Cliff. I’ve read his unsolicited food reviews on another site years ago and he was hysterical. He always talked about coon dogs, food and his old cars (one was a chevette).

  17. It’s not our M.I.A. Walt either.
    Come back Walt, we miss you.
    But please don’t disrespect my bitch, REta.

  18. I agree it’s not about the posters, no it’s about the people who post. Make sense to ya. Thanks for the grade teacher Patrick, I’ll watch my grammatical errors.

  19. I always thought Klein was the father of those 2 oldest kids. That oldest Prince looks just like him.

  20. Greetings Patrick. 🙂 It is indeed ole’ Walt.

    Special greetings to the lovely Reta, Indy, Denise, Leo …etc. Hope all of you are doing well and not doing time. lol 🙂

  21. Wow Strom,You know everything,so well informed,and ofcourse you were THERE every time. That’s why you know…yawn..

  22. Poor Dawn…don’t fall for the Oprah jibberish…have enough desire to look things up and decide for yourself. If you read enough of the stories and reports you will understand that Mikee was a serial molestor.

    It’s not about poster’s but a good place for you to start on your road to enlightenment is:

    Maureen Orth is a very credible writer who has several long stories on Michael…you are free to begin reading them and come to your own conclusion.

  23. Strom, surely you must realise by now…NOBODY clicks your links, or follows up on your “info”. And why WOULD they? More of the same? Racist ranting bullshit? Pretty sure everyone here will pass. You really ARE delusional if you’ve convinced yourself there is a person on this planet interested in ANYTHING you have to say. Let me clue you in: there isn’t!

  24. Reta = Nobody

    Obviously this delusional poster wouldnt even know who the journalist is but anyone with a little desire to check would see. Naturally some don’t want to choose to delve into the real story and would rather throw out personal blather that NO ONE cares a wink about.

    A Good Times rerun is probably on or Kim Is Screwed by a New Black Ball Player maybe…go watch it!

  25. WALT!!! Is is really you? Have missed your comments my friend.

    I imagined perhaps you’d run off with Ann-Margaret.

    Happy 2012 and welcome back. 🙂

  26. ” or Kim Is Screwed by a New Black Ball Player maybe…go watch it! ”

    Strom what you write is often incomprehensible and well, often rather silly.

    I do think however, that it’s quite reasonable for you to comment on the CONDUCT of people because we can all mutually observe and asses it.

    But to comment on peoples intentions, their sentiments or sexual proclivities with out any possible way of actually knowing what they are, is patently absurd.

    In fact, the very presumption of thinking that you know a strangers thoughts without actually knowing the person, is one of the actual medical definitions/indicators of what we would call delusional pathology. ( or obsessive love disorder, a form of stalking )

    Perhaps the next time your tempted to write something about unsettlingly detailed incidents of anal sex, YIDS, BLACK athletes, poor stupid Kim, gay islands and the enabler army – you’ll give your local mental health clinic a call.

    I could refer you.

  27. Stay off the internet gossip sites if you are so easily offended, Doctor.
    Or put your big girl tits on, relax, and have some laughs.
    And never take the posters THAT seriously.

  28. oh, you go screw your big girl tits on Patrick @Erika is dam right. Strom is a idiot and having fun and not taking things seriously shouldnt involve being racist all the b**dy time ! you big fat coward.

  29. she’s right, Forrest and Strom are cretins, and will eventually lose their internet access.

  30. Welcome back, Walt—hope you stay a while!

    Great forensic work, Nina T 🙂

  31. ” or Kim Is Screwed by a New Black Ball Player” maybe…go watch it! ”

    A 2012 episode of the Kardashian show…already in the works. I am sure many of the posters will be watching.

  32. Denise! It’s really me young’un. 🙂 Hope this is a special new Year for you too! I’ve misssed you too.

    Oh, there are days when I allow myself to daydream of the delicious Ann-Margret. I am young and she is eternally 35-23-35. lol 🙂

  33. Thank you Chicagoland. 🙂 Bless you. It is good to be back here and back home. I’m ready for the new year and all the possibilities it has to offer.

  34. Cubicle bully LOL.
    Fight the good fight with the’s Strom.
    Hey it’s an election year.
    Don’t forget to pick OPrah’s president.

  35. Even more amazing that this freak became such a musical success. Says much for management at the record companies and how they overlook the personal eccentricities in search of $$$.

    How many young white boys were intro’d to Michael by the record companies.

  36. Michael, Liz and the doctor were all drug users and had miserable lives harming others by enabling their friends and family to mistreat their bodies to the point of ill health.. shame on each of them and all of Micheal’s creepy, greedy, cruel, vindictive.. refusing to except blame,lying family too.

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