Desperate retailers have been snapping up young celebrities to develop exclusive apparel lines for their chain stores and some have been faring far better than others. Right now the Kardashians and Selena Gomez are at the bottom of the heap because their collections are featured in Sears and Kmart stores which are going out of business left and right. Demi Lovato and Gwen Stefani are doing well with their lines at Target, but the biggest winner of all: Madonna and her daughter Lourdes’s Material Girl collection at Macy’s. Their clothing line has had an excellent year and Macy’s stock is up 27.2%.



  1. As if this OLD hag needs any more money to give to her Kaballist cult!!

  2. Of course Sears and Kmart are not going to do as well as Macy’s…if they had a brain they could have figured that out.

  3. Thus far no scandals for young Lourdes thus her “Q rating” is good. As for the Trashcan family they’re fading out Kim and cycling in the two youngest girls.

  4. Why does this girl have such a glum look on her face while advertising her wares? NOT good salesmanship.

    I was amazed to hear the other day about Sears and Kmart. Sad…

  5. Who shops at those stores REta?
    Listen Reta, my best stocking present was Bob Seger Ultimate Hits. Get it.
    We got tonight babe. Why don’t you stay.
    Her Strut! Crank that ONE on your big trailer stereo!
    Lets hitch hike into the past.


  7. To me Lourdes looks like a young Madonna, and my daughter loves her clothes line at Macy’s. The Kardashians clothes are cheap junk at Sears and has nothing to do with how well the store is doing. They themselves wouldn’t put those rags on in public.

  8. She has got to by now seen all the stuff her dear mom has done in the past, and she made whores look good. Madonna is a huge fake.

  9. Well, I can tell you personally that our 7-year-old twins, Madisyn and Schenectady, were BEYOND THRILLED with their Material Girl Bullet Bra Bustiers and Assless Palomino Chaps ensembles on Christmas morning!!

    And they look ADORBALE in them! I did check out the Kardashian offerings at Sears, but their Harem Pants and Faux Leopard Cocktail-wear seemed less “fun,” ya know? 🙁

  10. madonna is the best… she is 53 looks better than lots of young girls has more brains. and every young generation star wants to be like her… madonna us rock
    madonna is a legend.

  11. Of course she looks better than most 53 year olds kk, she’s had quite a bit of nipping and tucking.

    Oh and Patrick, Seger rocks. I gave that new CD to my sister for Christmas. My 20 year old daughter asked, “who’s Bob Seger”. I almost fainted. You just have to take those old records off the shelf and educate the young on what music really is.

  12. Madonna just shows you when there’s a plan, and you use your head things tend to work to your advantage!! She’s a master at business. Congrats to you both on the success!! Madonna does it better and has from the beginning!
    All the best Kris.

  13. Madonna is a very good businesswoman, I agree, but she is the grossest hag I can think of. The morals of an alley cat (and that’s insulting the cat!), and a horrible example for anyone to follow.

  14. Denise, I cranked up Her Strut on Daddy’s Big Speakers and my fifteen year old pulled herself away from the Apple in the basement and came upstairs to listen. She only pays attention when the music is very good. B:52s, Devo, classic disco and The Ramones have had a similar effect on her. “Who’s that band, Dad?” “They sound great!”
    Modern pop music is horrid and most kids know it.

  15. Her eau de rodham and berndart are her more succesful fragrances…vomit

  16. Patrick, yes, I raised my two sons on those records as well and they still like what I like, and I like some of their choices, Gun’s & Roses was my youngest son’s big fave as a teen, but my older boy just seemed to like whatever I had on. He was BORN an old soul, mellow as all hell, and babies and animals are drawn to him in a mystical way. He’s just so cool and easygoing, I guess being born in 69 might have something to do with it.

  17. Same year as my Precious.
    Comes up a lot. Those numbers.
    Sorry Jess, I’m trying to filter.

  18. Hey wait a minute REta. That would mean your, like, the same age as my mother in law?!

  19. Sorta like a cold shower huh Patrick?

    My daughter’s taste in music has expanded since going to college, but she’s still a little slow on the classics. She also hasn’t figured out (yet) that Rihanna sounds like a constipated cow.

  20. Feeling rather delicate, soft and vulnerable right now, Denise.

  21. Lourdes looks like she hates her mother. I can’t wait to read the Mommy Dearest book in a few years. Salacious!!!

  22. Poor Lourdes. She really doesn’t have the looks, does she?

  23. I wouldn’t buy anything ANY these twits put their name on. Like I want to line the pockets of these a**holes with more money? No thanks.

  24. I agree w/ Nat. I think Lourdes looks much better than Madonna. Hopefully she hasn’t already started pimping her off to the guys, but the outfit she has on is both stupid looking and probably expensive.

  25. Hahahaha – agree with you, CarbonBasedLifeForm. She looks miserable there!

  26. lol, if Selena’s and Kim’s clothing line are at the bottom is because they’re ugly or just dont drag the attention, not because of the store it is in.

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