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SOMEBODY looks really happy sharing a New Year’s kiss. David Arquette and girlfriend Christina McLarty are still in sync while window shopping on Melrose Avenue. It’s been a tough year for David – he went into rehab last January but he’s been sober ever since. Since he met Christina he has been better equipped to accept his separation from Courteney Cox. All’s well that ends well.



  1. From what I can SEE of her, she looks much like a clone of his wife. too bad they don’t get back together now that he’s clean. She seemed to look at him like she still loved him when he was on Dancing with the Stars. And it would be so great for their little girl Coco.

  2. Do I understand this correctly? David is still married to his wife, Courtney Cox?

    So then he is in an adulterous relationship. Fornicating with a woman not his wife. This is sin, folks.

    And it is all the gay’s fault, now isn’t it. They are destroying the sanctity of marriage. Destroying the family. One man, one woman married for life.

    So it isn’t David’s fault he is sinning. It is the homosexual’s fault.

  3. he is trying to hide his HERPES by wearing white trousers.

  4. Looks like a kinda desperate “See what you’re missing, Courtney!” maneuver.

    But Courtney, who hasn’t gone anywhere near David’s meth-mouth for years, remains unmoved; she may be bemused, but she isn’t buying it.

  5. Good for him!!! Courtney looked stuffy and controling of him, he was never himself. She got him dumb, young, full of cum and googly eyes of a hollywood star. Who is courtney anyway, I just remember her as the girl that waited for michael keaton to marry her but got dumped. I could see picking david to mold him but he needed someone at his age.

  6. David is not nearly through sowing his ‘wild oats’. He will continue to be a hound dog until at least age 50 or until germs/bacteria/std’s/ take him down.

  7. WOW!!! Some MAJOR negativity here about him and Courtney. Actually, Courtney is a pretty nice woman, doesn’t do drugs and is active in many charities. She didn’t bash him like so many seperated people do, but brought their young daughter to all his dancing performances on Dancing with the Stars and you could see her smiling happily at him while watching him dance. I’d just like to see a nice young family reunite now that he’s clean, and maybe have another child.

  8. Push over Courtney ditched him to please Jen then Jen was happy and took off with another lady’s man laughing.. David.. have a nice life.. I wouldn’t go back and trust your stupid wife again..

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