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You’ve gotta love Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale for taking their kids to the zoo on Christmas Eve and a family farm in Oxnard on New Year’s Eve, instead of partying in Hollywood. You don’t see many major pop stars spending this much family time just to make the kids happy. The family togetherness seems to work for everyone because Gwen and Gavin seem more affectionate than ever with each other. Kingston, 5, and Zuma, 3, don’t know how lucky they are.



  1. I think there are many “Hollywood” couples that take their children out for fun: Brad & Ang; Kelly Ripa and Mark Consuelos; Seal and Heidi Klum; Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott, to name just a few. It’s really not rare that entertainers love their children, want them, and want to spend time with them, and go places and have fun with them. If not, don’t HAVE kids!

  2. I’m sure Gavin does his family duty just so Gwen gives him the thumbs up for his not so secret homosexual trysts.

  3. she alway’s looks the same with that sickmaking red lipstick…………

    (when will their son be ready for a COCK in his ASS & MOUTH?)

  4. Forrest, your comment about the child is hideous. What kind of mind thinks such things ? Get help.

  5. They have no spark and I bet if those kids were girls Gav would be long gone.

  6. She’s doing the family dog and pony show to drum up sales for her kiddie rags at Target!

  7. Everytime I see a photo of him, I think of his past, and feel pity for Gwen and the kids.

    I get the feeling she settled for him, I think if someone is inclined a certain way, that will never go away, likely rear it’s head in the future – she can’t compete with that and will cause major unhappiness.

  8. I’m with forrest gump in his first line regarding that red/black hideous lipstick she always wears.

    And that white bleached hair is no prize either.

    They are a rather mysterious couple and not very news-worthy, imho.

  9. I agree with Johnny J. There is no need to bad mouth a little child with such vulgar words. That is just dark and creepy.

  10. Hey Chicagoland, belly up to the bar and have a pint with me…..Okay kids, I’m buying!!

  11. “I bet if those kids were girls Gav would be long gone.”


  12. They seem to like to take the kids where they will be photographed. So that makes me wonder how much is for show and how much is really because they’re such great parents?

  13. Don’t mind if I do, Walt; make mine a Corona, please—and thanks!

  14. As far as these two are concerned, looks like big business to me. They get paid every time their kids are photographed—in addition to the supposed promotion value for Gwen’s rags.

    Just saw a reference a few weeks ago for the amount Tori Spelling charges for “candid pap photo ops”(!) with her brood. Nice work if you can get it.

    Gavin’s prior personal life is well-documented, but I’d guess he’ll be around for as long as G. remains a multi-millionaire.

    (Unless someone much richer, like a Jann Wenner-type, came along and swept him off his feet.)

  15. Chicagoland, if you haven’t ever read Jann Wenner’s autobiography, give it a whirl. He could certainly be a mean little shit. I read it because I loved Rolling Stone Mag in the late sixties and throughout the 90’s. I loved the contributing writers of the early years (Thompson, DeCurtis, Gilmore, O’Rourke, Crowe, Eszterhas, Marcus…etc.)

  16. The vicious sexual remarks are SO uncalled for. They have been happily married for several years now and have lovely children. I DEFINITELY see the “chemistry” between them. Some of you need to get off the perpetual negative/nasty/sexual downhill momentum merry-go-round. Good GAWD…this is a lovely family spending time together on Christmas. Don’t make anything else out of it! Let alone something nasty and perverted.

  17. Forrest, does your wife or husband know that you’re totally a freak and a person who thinks about child touching? Get help or just put a bullet in your head.

  18. Private couple intimacy doesn’t pay the bills or put cash in savings.. of course she is hard at work…

  19. Would’nt ya like to get Forest in a head lock and use it to open the door, running at full speed, then leave him sprawled in the parking lot for all to piss on.
    A technique favoured for certain undesirable sorts back in my door man days at the biker chick bar.

  20. Thanks, Walt—I’ll look for the Wenner book. And I LOL’ed at your “mean little shit” description; I’ve seen him in person and he is astonishingly short in stature. One of those people who just “photographs tall” I guess.

    I’m also a fan of the old RS—they used to have some of the best long-form journalism around. Jann’s Napoleon complex may have had an upside after all. 🙂


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