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Kato Kaelin is looking awfully good in this photo taken at Coco de Ville the other night. He even has a cute date. Ever since the OJ trial made him famous, he’s had a steady stream of TV appearances on shows like Sunset Tan – often playing himself. Every time we see him, we feel compelled to remind him “You could have been a hero.” ( If he had only told ALL he knew at the trial.)

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  1. KK is a played out tweeker creep who was OJ’s buttboy/meth-coke hookup!
    He should be ashamed in the role he played helping a double murderer walk free.

  2. As I remember, Kato was more or less the ‘house boy’, living in the detached guest quarters of OJ’s house. What exactly were his duties?
    A thinking person could figure this out, but it is too gross to even entertain the thought.

  3. kato sold his soul to the devil when he failed to tell the truth at the trial. Even after his so-called friend had her head lopped off and the kids he supposedly loved, will be scarred for life.
    Kato is a pathetic human being. I understand he has tried to make things right, by telling the truth after the fact. Sometimes though, you only get the first chance.

  4. .
    What ever happened to the two children?
    Did the Browns get some custody or visiting?
    I’d like to know they’re not horribly afflicted by their father slaughtering their mother.

  5. .
    What ever happened to the two children?
    Did the Browns get some custody or visiting?
    I’d like to know they’re not horribly afflicted by their father slaughtering their mother.

  6. He was a douchebag then, he’s a douchebag now. OJ is still walking the streets a free man. Ron & Nicole are still dead. Kato is an accomplice in their murders as far as most of us who knew them are concerned.

  7. Yep- the only reason his name is even known is because of Nicole Brown. I don’t know if he really knew what went on that night, but he lied his ass off after the fact. Possibly for pay.
    Scum says it all.

  8. his appearance is obviously the result of a LOT of cosmetic surgery.
    I doubt KK paid for the surgeries,
    KK is a user in every sense of the word.
    And that chick he is with?
    Is that how women in California dress?

  9. I’m surprised he hasn’t pimped himself out to some rich old broad…….or maybe he has already? He just has that type of look, not to mention the reputation of being a parasite that sponges off anyone he can.

  10. He is just going going to live and die some S. California loser got old and could never find someone to ran out of people to pay his way. Such a sad, common sterootype.

    (and something in their ass!)

  12. He’s just as guilty as OJ, shame on this gutless wonder

  13. Yes 9:42 KK is a gutless chump. His boi OJ IS going down this time. Word is, he’s truly going to serve time, least seven years watch and see! They aren’t playing in Nevada like they did during Judge Ito’s travesty/trial …

  14. Um, I’m surprised, too, with how well he’s holding up.
    Ah, hey, am I the only one, or has anyone see Kato in the same room as Ty Pennington? Were they separated at birth or are they one in the same??

  15. Kato lives in LA and knew that even if he stood up in court and said “I saw OJ kill Nicole and Ron”, OJ would never be convicted. Kato was trying to avoid being decapitated too.

  16. Aw come on the predjuiced mindset jury let OJ go. It was their main goal in life to be his saviors. Free the famous rich black man as the old white wife deserved it.. so cut Kato some pity slack. He probably is still frightened of O J and so is his publicity manager.

  17. I think Kato will always in the back of his mind be scared of OJ and Company. He should move to Paris and work in the famous Paris Follies La Bregere. And, maybe find a sugar-momma. Just freakin’ start over and be done with it.

  18. actually that girl he is with i know very well she happens to be my sisters best friend and she is awesome. and i can tell you this kato is a great guy.

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