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Katie Holmes’ cloak and dagger operation to take a stand against Scientology was perfectly planned and timed, according to former church members. Key members who have defected told The Hollywood Reporter that Katie used some of L Ron Hubbard’s own strategy: “attack, don’t defend” – and it worked for her. Two months ago Katie fired Tom’s daughter Bella, who was working for her clothing line, Holmes & Yang. She gradually swept all the Scientologists out of her life. In contrast, when Nicole Kidman divorced Tom she gave him everything just to extricate herself from their clutches. (She lost custody of their two children.) Former high level Scientology leaders confirm that Tom’s third divorce is an embarrassment to the church and that if he’s smart, he’ll settle quietly and not blow it up bigger than it is. Katie is standing up to Scientology in a way that was unthinkable ten years ago. By spilling the beans on the cult, defectors have weakened their defenses. Rupert Murdoch has announced he is not afraid of Scientology and that opens the door for reporters to dig in.

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  1. If you want a job done, give it to a woman. Good going, Rupert.

  2. The divorce, Suri, Scientology, and all things pertaining to these will be cussed and discussed for many moons to come.

    Already paparazzi are stalking the SCI Centers, Katie, Suri, and Tom, hoping to sell pictures and tidbits to the rag mags.

    If Katie ended up with $1 Billion, I would not want to be her.

  3. but you know the more I think about this the more I wonder..if she was disturbed about how Tom’s older children were being handled by this church..what made her think any children SHE had by Tom were going to be treated any differently? I read she saw some things while they were dating that upset her.

  4. @ Noblecascade:

    I agree. I think Cruise is so evil, endoctrinated, and brain-washed that he will do anything to get Suri and keep her in the cult. I hope Katie gets a bodygard and stationed outside Suri’s door at school.

    @ Walt:

    I am going to have to force myself to march to those great John Philip Sousa’s marches which will be played tonight at the big Concert in Wash, DC. “Stars and Stripes Forever” is beyond brilliant.

    Calories = man’s eternal enemy. LOL 🙂

  5. I wonder if Holmes write a tell-all book at some point? Probably not in our lifetimes, Janet, but maybe in time for my 14-year-old daughter. BTW, I don’t believe Cruise was blindsided at all. Perhaps he just didn’t really believe that Holmes would really DO it. 🙂

  6. Katie be strong and stay on your path. Keep your resolve. You will need strength and I send my blessing to you.


  8. People are now very aware of how Scientology is a cult with repressive leaders (Tom is one of the leaders). I think what they did to Nicole Kidman by making her give up her children for her sanity/freedom from them was how most people found out what their real deal was. I feel so sorry for Conner and Bella. Tom took their Mother away from them. I think that Tom’s a control freak with charm and that is the worse kind of person!

    The whole world is watching Tom and Scientology, and what happens to Katie and Suri. If he splits this kid from another Mother he will never work in Hollywood again!!! Go Katie Go! Team Katie and I never say “Team” anything ever!

  9. Mr. Murdoch must be wanting to make amends for the privacy invasion scandal that occurred under his watch. Good for him. I hope he takes on scientology. He has a vast fortune, and enough age that the scientologists can do him no real harm.

    Also, I think Cruise downplayed his involvement with scientology, to a huge extent, while courting Katie, and turned up the charm and gallantary full blast thinking he would convert Katie.

  10. I agree with all the above ^^^^^^^^^. I’m anxious to see how Cruise handles this.

    Am I the only one that sees Cruise as “Marvin the Martian” ?……He’s probably saying…..’that Katie makes me so angry’! lol 🙂

  11. I don’t see Tom quietly going away, unfortunately. Hmmmm …. Isabella is fired by Katie and Katie moves to a different apartment; didn’t Tom read the writing on the wall?

  12. What a foolish statement that will only cause problems….if she gets everyone stirred up it will only cause problems. If the real reason for this is for the benefit of the child…just do it all quietly and carry on.

    Hopefully that wont be another man in the picture somewhere although BLACK Morgan Freeman is probably trying to find a good number for K.

  13. I am not for Scientology but I found really disturbing that Rupert Murdoch has the nerve to fart anything out of his mouth.

    Rupert Murdoch reminds of the character Elliot Carver, from the James bond movie, Tomorrow never dies. Creating havoc and controlling the news. I believe he was part of the breaks of celebrity London homes like Madonna and Kate Moss. His ability to invade peoples privacy by controlling the police, robbers, phones and homes.

    Ranting and rave about Scientology really?!!?!?!? Why not the lying Jews saying the are from Israel when they were no were near Israel. They are Ashkenazi from Eastern European descent. The 12 tribes didn’t have Judaism in their tribe. The most propaganda story on earth. They create lies and stealing African ancestory for themselves.

    Murdoch you are already wealthy why do you need to be in Scientology pockets?

  14. When the divorce goes through, I can’t imagine any man wanting to date or even have anything to do with Katie. Too much trouble there and maybe danger.

  15. Does anyone else notice a frightening similarity between Scientology and North Korea. Both have had short statured megalomaniacs at the helm Both are populated with smiling people who have empty eyes and who’s words and actions seem choreographed. People are brainwashed and terrified to do anything due to spies ready to tell on them. People who commit “crimes” are spirited away to do slave labor in secret camps and people don’t know what exactly happened to them.I don’t mean to sound over dramatic but really, being a Scientologist under the rule of David Miscavage seems like living under tyranny of the worst sort.

  16. @Georgia
    Yes. I can often find eerie clues when comparing the similarities of evil.

  17. Scientology is for sure evil and devastating to families. How this horrible cult has survived this long is beyond me. If anybody questions that Tom Thumb is possessed and brainwashed, just look at his scientology video on you tube-it is spooky to the max. He looks and acts manic and insane at the same time.

  18. WHATEVER…it is NOT hard to bring Sciencetology down…we have one of those churches here in town & in the 1980s the ‘church’ members would promote IQ tests to the public on city streets. People did NOT like this though because kids were being brainwashed to join so the City banned them from doing it!
    It’s been 20 years & the ‘church’ is never in the news anymore.
    Sue them and they will run away. It is NOT hard to do!

  19. Katie didn’t do anything fabulous. She tried to
    destroy Tom so she can get custody…..women do this every second. She should be ashamed of herself…..some day Suri will be ashamed of her.

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