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The more her story unfolds, the more we are filled with admiration for Katie Holmes and her meticulous preparation before splitting with Tom. It took months of planning. And it IS a very scary situation with the Scientologists involved. Despite being surrounded by Scientologists all day– bodyguards, nannies, housekeepers, drivers, and Tom’s family, Katie managed to slip away and set up a secret place for herself to live with Suri after she filed for divorce. She did her research and chose to file in New York where she is more likely to be granted sole custody of Suri. California tends to split custody between two parents but New York courts believe it’s in the child’s best interest to have ONE parent make decisions and avoid fighting. As we told you, the divorce is all about Suri‘s future – Katie doesn’t care about the money, she wants her daughter to have a normal life. Katie filed when Tom was out of town filming and couldn’t confront her. Certainly her family must have been supporting Katie as she prepared to file for divorce. Now that she has been declared an Enemy of the Church – anything can happen. We wonder if Nicole Kidman will reach out to her. This whole story would make an exciting and inspiring movie.

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  1. I totally agree Janet, she is taking a huge risk and I hope she has all the support she will need to get through this very tough battle with perhaps one of the most powerful celebrities on the planet. I think she has thought this out to the nth degree with the proper legal counsel. I hope Nicole helps her, she will need it!! ;-))

  2. She will for sure have to watch her back. Scientologists can do something to her and make it look like an accident. And of course she will have to have a couple of bodyguards; just make sure they don’t work for Scientology. If she has no signed agreement not to write a tell-all about SCI, and if she does write a book, she will be in real danger.

  3. I’m sure her family is helping her. They didn’t want her to marry him to begin with, especially her dad. Took her a long time to come to her senses. I too, wondered about Nicole.

  4. Many years ago, I can’t remember where, I read that Mimi Rogers divorced Tom, because “He was shooting blanks”, and she wanted to have a family”. No one has quoted this since. When he (Cruel bastard} ‘blindsided’ by Nicole, after two adopted children, and her recent miscarriage, his only comment was “Nicole knows what she did”.
    Couple this with his A list status, his money making potential, the number of people who depend on him for a salary, and then think about how many people who are anti – gay. Just look at the recent craziness over a rainbow Oreo cookie ad! There are still loads of nut cases out there who hate gays, and would totally impact Cruises box office bottom line. Travolta, ( My gosh, that photo with him and his pilot kissing was printed about 10 years ago Now it’s being hauled out like a snake oil sales promotion! I remember this because it was printed in a Toronto paper, close to home) These people live different lives than us. They are corporations, who’s employees make their living from,and depend on them. They aren’t heartless, they want to keep the gravy train on it’s tracks !. Tom’s marriage to Kate was damage control. Keep the product viable ! Tom was in a dark place, career wise, and he met Katie, who was as Catholic girl, and also pregnant. Win / win ! He gets a “natural born heir” and she gets “Guilty by association” notoriety. Don’t forget, her father is a high priced divorce lawyer, and he made sure that his little princess would be well taken care of, All she had to do was tow the Scientology line (Lie) for 5 years, and she is richer than her parents. Scientology, what a scam, don’t get me started !! ( Wonder how much Tom Thumb rakes out of this Sci-Fi scam ?)

  5. I think Katie started out very naive and ended up very wise.

  6. Don’t think Nicole can / will be any help. She got out & has a family now. Why risk getting back on their hate list???

  7. No, Katy has nothing to be afraid of. She is doing the best for her child, no court in the land would disagree. The Scientology murderers would never risk touching her. Like Janet said, Scientology is going south, – fast. Perhaps your readers do not know about the movements worldwide to discredit the sect? Scientology is being ridiculed as the musings of a dead, (And very lame ) science fiction writer. I have read a few of his books, and I am a big Sci Fi fan. His stuff is garbage, pedantic, and not very intelligent, compared to some really great Sci Fi writers like Francis Scott Card , or Robert Heinlin I am a non religious reader, but I do get kind of irate when people use religion to justify their oppression and subjugation of others.

  8. Anything could happen in the wacky world of Tinseltown, but I do not think “Nicole will reach out to her”. She barely reaches out to her two adopted kids with Tommy, (Connor and Bella). I think she wants nothing to do with Katie, as I have heard she is rude and arrogant with her fans and totally struck on herself.

    PS: I have read in USA Today newspaper that France, Germany, Italy, Greece and Russia forbids Scientology there. If a church is already in existence, they are making plans to oust them.

  9. Cruise is starting to remind me of Jim Jones. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cruise committed suicide if things start collapsing around him. IMO he’s a man who can’t face himself and can’t face reality so he hides behind control of others to feel superior.

  10. Just taking a break from my usual snark and nasty comments….

    That Suri is sure darn cute. She looks like she has quite a personality. Looks very determined and head strong. Quite a handful I’m sure. I sincerely hope whatever is decided, that her interests for a healthy life, come first. But she sure looks like a cutie pie.

    Now back to our regular program in progress….

  11. Cruise’s stock would plumenth if he dare to take Suriname away from Kate. See, Tom, that is karma for you. You couldn’t be sad and you must have known what you did to get the same treatment.

  12. I hope both Katie and Suri can successfully get away from Tom Thumb and that demonic cult. I also hope she has bodyguards-she’ll need them to protect her and Suri.

  13. She should be careful. Runaway trucks, house fires, car accidents. There are so many dangers out there. She has become an inconvenient woman. Nuff said.

  14. If Katie has an “accident” Tom’s career will be over immediately. How Tom handles this and let’s Suri be with her Mother and NOT take her away like he did with his and Nicole’s children, Conner and Bella. I heard that Nicole now that Bella is over 18 has some kind of new relationship with her?

    One of the reasons that people think Tom is weird and creepy is the fact he did take Bella and Conner away from their Mother because of Scientology after their divorce. Nicole must have a heart that hurts because of that. I remember when she won her Oscar she was so proud of Bella and dedicated the win to her daughter. Tom had deeply hurt a lot of people and changed their lives drastically. People are watching him and his cult now! All eyesa nd ears are him and Scientology!

  15. She has nothing to worry about if she puts her trust in God & not in man. However, she should have known before hand having signed a contract with the devil, that the bastard never sleeps & always returns for your soul.

  16. Maybe this is wrong, but I was so glad to read that Katie has filed for divorce. She has always struck me as a very sweet, somewhat naive girl who married her famous teenage crush. I mean, how many girls get to do that? Then, sadly, she found out that her hero wasn’t what she thought. I read somewhere else that a very big part of why she’s filed is the amount of time Tom spends away from her and Suri while filming. ‘His work comes first’, I read. Tom has been around a long time and I am sure he has more than a few investments. I think he’s amassed enough of a fortune so that he would never have to work again a day in his life if he didn’t want to. He just couldn’t figure out that the more time he spends away from his wife and child, working, the lonelier they got, and after a while, Katie’d do something fierce. She’s never completely embraced Scientology (what a smart lady!), and so I think this marriage was doomed from the get-go. Katie actually has a brain of her own and wants to make decisions for herself. And that is something that Scientology can’t stand. They want to control a person completely. Apparently, Tom wasn’t at all surprised by this, so that tells me that he wasn’t willing to change anything to save the marriage. This makes him a three-time loser at marriage. Sad. I hope his movies and Scientology buddies keep him warm at night.

  17. Katie is much smarter than I thought.
    Good luck to her.

  18. It is great to see Suri walking and not using her mom as a “sedan”.

  19. She has fired her driver and security who were both working for Tom before she married him and has hired her own security. I feel sorry for her but she had to have known. We all knew and we don’t even know Tom personally. Here is another reveal that is interesting to say the least.

  20. @Dragonfly
    That is wickedly good gossip. Thank you for sharing that! 🙂


    Love it! Too funny!!!


    I completely agree! How the little guy handles this will determine HIS fate with the public.


    I am with you. She had better have around the clock trustworthy (& can’t be paid off) body guards. I don’t trust those sneaky underhanded cult followers.

  21. No, Tom is just incredibly stupid!

    Never liked him, still don’t. He grosses me out so much I want to take a shower after hearing his smile. That’s such a loud smile, don’t you think? lol

  22. Blind gossip.com did a lot of gossip reveals today about cruise. Google “blind gossip and solved and July 3, 2012 and cruise” to see what comes up, if it is still in the Ethernet, you will be quite shocked about tom’s adventures and secrets.

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