Prediction for the new year: Kanye West and Kris Jenner are gearing up for a huge battle over control of Kim and her baby. Kris and “E!” producers of the Kardashian reality series are hoping to document Kim’s pregnancy and birth to a bonanza of ratings. But Kanye has thrown a wrench in the works. HE aims to control his baby mama and their progeny, and says “no way” to having their child on camera. Momager Kris is outraged because her other daughter Kourtney is so cooperative about sharing her children on camera. Why not Kim? Kanye is a threat to her dynasty. In 2013, Kris and Kanye will wrestle for control of Kim and their baby and the family will never be the same.

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  1. Well Janet, there goes that New Years resolution about not covering the Kardashians!

    If I were to comment, I bet Kanye takes a page from the book of Jay-Z and Beyonce who do not publicize anything about their daughter.

  2. Good for Kanye! Momanager Kris has to stop selling her kids off to the news so she can make money off them. I have gained some respect for Kanye for standing up to this “uber bitch”….she castrasted Bruce,and every other man in the family…it’s time someone stood up to her and set their own rules!!!!

  3. Before long there will be lawsuits galore. You cannot convince me these two are a couple. A couple of jackasses sure but not a true couple.

  4. How long before we have pics of them pushing a turd around a bathtub as they teach their firstborn how to swim?

  5. You can just see Kris salivating at the thought of even more press, fame and money. Until Kim spits out the kid, maybe she can just go without underwear as she exits her vehicle, ala Brit Spears and Anne Hathaway. LOL

  6. Wendy Williams called it–no one goes to Kanye’s concerts, or buys his music. He’s lost his “street cred” according to Wendy. This so called pregnancy is all to drum up interest in Kanye, to sell tickets, etc. Fake, fake, fake.

  7. Why would anybody be surprised to find out her “pregnancy” is fake?… Her “marriage” was.

  8. She can soon pimp off the younger daughters to BLACKS. That is their claim to fame. Total trash for $$.

  9. …kim can only fight/argue with dishonest people like kris, folks.
    SO TAKE UP THE “Winchester”, kim!!

  10. Give Khloe a blood test and see if OJ was her father. T/Tom/Tommy will have a further update on that soon.

  11. I don’t believe she is pregnant she will be carrying Beyawnce fake belly pillow and Congay likes men just ask Frank Ocean.

  12. If Kim can’t take care of a frickin’ kitten, how the hell can she take care of a child? Oh yeah, I guess that’s why God made Nannies.

    When would it be polite to start taking bets on the “tragic” miscarriage that will soon be announced? Kimmy’s ass doesn’t have to balloon up any further and she will garner public sympathy for her “loss”. Sympathy wouldn’t hurt Kanye any either, and he won’t be tied to the Kuntrashians for the rest of his life.

    These two tricks nauseate me.

  13. Why does he always look so pissed off? Does he think it makes him look mysterious and brooding? It doesn’t. That’s a swing and a miss. He just looks bewildered and stupid. That’s not a swing and a miss at all.

  14. Well, we can only hope that SOMEONE can keep a lid on this tacky family. I wouldn’t give ya a plug nickel for any of them.

    If only Bruce had the balls to leave…

  15. The thought of these two losers reproducing just makes me want to vomit.

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