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It’s a safe bet that Paris Hilton was outraged when she heard that her arch-rival Kim Kardashian was paid six figures to host a Las Vegas New Year’s Eve party. Paris remembers not so long ago when SHE was the party girl who got paid the big bucks. Now that the paparazzi have all but forsaken Paris, there are still a couple of ways she could reinstate herself. Either she can get a FAMOUS boyfriend (no one seems to care about the current bf, model River Viiperi ) OR she can get pregnant.

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  1. I wonder what she’s infected him with.

    She could always score herself a black basketball player. I hear Kris Humphries is available.

  2. She’s probably too diseased to conceive. Plus, she has to be getting up there in age.

  3. I hope Paris ODs this year. The world has enough whores in it. It won’t miss this fake whore.

  4. I’m going to play devils advocate here and say, I don’t think Paris cares one bit that Kim is pregnant. Paris has been very good at keeping out of the limelight. I think she grew out of all that publicity seeking. Remember she really was young, about 16, when she started all that attention whoring. And unlike Lindsay she seems to have learned her lessons about how the media can turn on you and even land you in the clink. Kim, well she just comes from a line of attention whores and money grubbers.

  5. I don’t see Paris getting pregnant…she knows her parents would have a fit. Also I don’t think Paris has ever gotten into the “black boyfriend” thing. I can’t remember any of her fellas being nothing but white. I don’t think her family would go for that either.

  6. I’m betting on a pregnancy, and she won’t name the father because she wants all of the publicity to herself.

  7. Nobody cares anything about her now, her time has come and gone. Can’t wait for the Kardashians to do the same. Whoring out the fetus before it’s born is the last straw for me, I would never watch any of their shows in future.

  8. Paris is a walking ‘diseased sperm receptacle’ that was made ‘famous’ by slack jawed Americans.

  9. Maybe someone would take her picture if she realized that those oversize glasses went out of style in 2010. I get that she is trying to look interesting and mysterious, but she just looks silly.

  10. The likes of Paris, Britney, Lindsay, Travolta, Cruise, Kardashians, J-Lo and others (too many to name) have absolutely no clue as to What is coming.

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