Here we go again! Justin Bieber is flaunting his version of dreadlocks and undereducated people are actually complaining about “cultural appropriation” – a term we believe should be removed from vocabulary use. Despite the fact that Justin’s dreads are NOT all that flattering or attractive, (he’s no Future) he is obviously NOT making fun of any race. Fact is, he admires the African hairstyle SO much, he’s desperately trying to duplicate it himself. And IMITATION IS THE SINCEREST FORM OF FLATTERY! There is nothing healthier than cultures exchanging styles, habits, dances, recipes… whatever. Adapting good things from other cultures makes the entire world a better place, and it is INEVITABLE in a multicultural society. We’d like to see all those “cultural appropriation” complainers move into the 21st century…

Photo Credit: BACKGRID-USA

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  1. The left started this ridiculous trend. Cultural appropriation is just another way to divide us and create hate and division.

  2. He pretends to be an african american with his music, like Jusitin Tiberlake and that creepy Robin Thicke dude. That woman from Australia also pretends to be African, Her name is lizzy or igsy something

  3. So black people invented braids now? Says who? There have been mummified remains found all over he world where both men and women braided their hair.Appropriation is not a thing, black people don’t own braids. More stupidity from the left. No one should pay attention to this stupidity.

  4. Good for you Janet! I couldn’t agree more. We’ve become a society of victims and not everything is an attack on a marginalized group. Should we not eat Mexican food if we are not Mexican? Is that appropriation? Should there be no drag queens because it’s appropriating the female gender? Where do we draw the line? This is so out of control!!

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