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Justin Bieber is making a big deal out of trying not to be noticed as he picks up a sandwich at Subway. The baseball cap doesn’t help but we do love his sweatpants featuring pockets with dollar bill print lining. His attempt to keep a low profile is completely blown when he gets into his CHROME-PLATED car.

Photo Credit: Pacific Coast News

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  1. I hope he is having fun because if he ever watches Tru TV and sees Leif Garret and what he is doing now, he will be right there with him in about 10 years.

  2. I doubt “subtle” was on his list of vocabulary words.

    This kid is an example of too much too soon. Like Dragonfly said, he should look at other examples of mega-star kids and their eventual crash and burn.

    Oh and that car, another example of how having money does not equal having taste or class.

  3. Wonder why he didn’t send a goon assistant to get his sammy.

  4. We paid for the development of that FAILED car in a foreign country and it’s a dud…we are out Billions and creating Jobs elsewhere.

  5. Oops! $100,000 electric
    car flunks track test

    Remember when heartthrob Justin Bieber received a Fisker Karma luxury hybrid for his 18th birthday earlier this month on the Ellen DeGeneres Show? Well, he may be driving a lemon.
    A $100,000-plus Fisker sports car died during Consumer Reports speed testing this week for reasons that are still unknown, leaving the struggling electric car startup with another blow to its image. “It is a little disconcerting that you pay that amount of money for a car and it lasts basically 180 miles before going wrong,” David Champion, senior director for the magazine’s automotive test center, told Reuters.

  6. I don’t know how this gerbil ever made it big. A total slap in the face to those who have actual talent. Please, go away & take your Bud Weiser car with you.

  7. Little pubert’s nuts must have dropped hard if he has to wear pants like that.

  8. I blame the parents who supported this freak by shelling out their hard-earned money for concert tickets, movie tickets, and music downloads for their tween daughters. You are the reason we have this no talent hack roaming the earth and flaunting his wealth. Makes me sick.

  9. @Shelby:

    This kid creeps me out MORE than a lot.

    If Selena Gomez ever leaves him, he will run sniveling to mama.

    How, oh how, did he get so big. Even if I was a teeny-bopper, I know I wouldn’t screech for this little fungus who just happened to be in the right place at the right time. You can seldom even hear his voice and when you can hear it, it sucks.

    Natalie, I totally agree with thee, too.

  10. poster boy for all that is wrong with the world on so many levels
    L O A T H E beyond words

  11. I can’t stand this homely little girly boy! His existence as a “singer” and celebrity with big bucks really does prove that life isn’t fair! And like the others on here, he creeps me out to the point I can’t even express just how much he creeps me out! If my daughter was a teenybopper, no way would she be allowed to watch him or buy his pitiful crap CD’s.

  12. @Patrick

  13. Is he parked in a handicapped parking space or next to it?

  14. Like all those unimportant people in the world starving and needing the basic sanitation, food, water.. shelter without the struggles of life not to suffer indignities must stand aside while he does his pretend I am a somebody thing, we read and admire him.. and we buy all his goods, give him applause and rally him to have much more?

  15. I chaperoned two of my girls to see him in LA not long ago and I was struck by how false everything felt, not un-real like a bad magician might project, but a feeling that there was an underlying emptiness to it all.

    Maybe it was the 400 dollars for tickets, and the pants sure remind me of my youngest’s full diaper.

    a fitting metaphor for those soulless corporate shills, gimme Iggy or the Small Faces any day

  16. I wouldn’t pay $400 for a ticket to see that little bug if I were Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Donald Trump. I wouldn’t pay $40.

  17. Female version of Pamela Lee Anderson!!
    Canadians know how to sell themselves
    Just use sex and glam!
    Who cares if you don’t have talent….
    And this is coming from a Canadian who has to put up with his Batmobile touring through car dealerships…have you seen THAT? It’s disgusting! But hey I’m sure Justin gets lots of money touring his car around Ontario….

  18. below the age of twenty one you’re just a kid.

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