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We were really happy to see Anderson Cooper come out of the closet. We knew it would have to happen soon after he got his own talk show. When one is questioning a guest about very personal aspects of their lives, it doesn’t add up for the host to have “vague areas” of his own life. Anderson has certainly never denied being gay or even hinted that he wasn’t. His sexual preference has been discussed endlessly online and he never seemed bothered by it all. Fans admire him for his character and personality, not his sexuality. We still have a crush on him. And now Kathy Griffin won’t have to be so careful about what she says.

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  1. Kathy Griffin won’t have to be so careful about what she says.
    When did that ever happen? I must have missed that moment in time…

  2. I wonder why we care so much? He is open with the people he cares about. The people i find annoying are the celebrities who lie and try to hide the fact they are gay. We have so many examples of succcessul gay celebrities.

  3. If he has so many fans why is nobody watching any his shows?

  4. This is news? Everyone knew he was gay & quite frankly, now one cares.

  5. Everybody already knew it. I don’t have crushes on gay men. They don’t appeal to me in the slightest.

  6. He does look quite comfortable though, lying on the bed next to that man lady.

  7. Unrepentant gays (and all Unrepentant sinners) will never enter the Pearly Gates. Read Romans Chapter 1, Verses 22 thru 32. Anderson should live it up now because what’s to come for him won’t be pretty and will be very very hot. Repentance is the key word. Most gays never repent. And they were not born this way; demons have entered them. also, gay enablers are in danger of the Lake of Fire. Read these 11 verses first before writing back.

  8. I suspect that some of those special male & female celebrities in the scientology cult are peeking from behind their beards with envy……envy of his ability to come out and be free.

  9. @ Christine India, I love it when you talk so bloody silly. But, I really can’t see how you could possibly criticize, lets say … Scientology, or radical Islam, or the Railians, after all ….. a “Lake of Fire “? really ? Are you serious …. Why not a giant head which floats above the ground ? oh that’s the Macy’s parade …. sorry. I was mixing the two up.

    I really don’t mean to insult anyones’s faith AT ALL, but a “Lake of Fire” , oh come on, maybe the Bible meant, something like a bad motel in Vegas ? and we, misinterpreted to mean a LAKE OF FIRE !!!, ya, that’s probably what happened.

  10. No surprise but who cares? Why is it such a big deal? Why are people hung up on sexual orientation?

  11. Good for Cooper. Patrick you have big masculinity issues. Every comment is based on gender or genitals or negative anti-female comments. I don’t know how old you are but you sound like a very pathetic young adolescent male. Grow the hell up.

  12. Good for him, I always liked the man and on very good reasons…

  13. I just want to yell at her to get those big ole dirty boots off that lovely white furniture!

  14. @Denise
    He probably shoved her to the floor after the last photo was taken. lol 🙂

  15. @ Johnny1960,

    Revelation chapter 20, verse 15, King James Version: “And whoever was not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the Lake of Fire.”

    (**not written in the Book of Life** indicates you are not saved/born again.)

    But whatever you think, go right ahead.

    However, the ‘bad motel in Vegas’: LOL

  16. Hopefully it wont become a Rosie and Ellen thing where it consumes everthing he says. No flaunting, no parades and he keeps it his own business.

    Will Hillary Clinton be the next to come out?

  17. Christine India
    Do you really beleive all that clap trap? Stories told and wrtitten before there was an concept of science? 2000 years ago it might fly but come on this is the 21 century and it is time to move on. I don’t think your Jesus told you to hate did he?

  18. honoria:

    I never said I hated anyone: Straight or gay.

  19. no need to panic, folks.

  20. Don’t even try to reason with the certifiably insane ‘Indy’ ….she is a total wacko….just ignore her.

  21. mentalmidget:

    What an appropriate name for one who knows nothing of THE final authority, the Holy Bible. However, I do not hate you either.

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