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We just KNEW the John Travolta gay expose was not over. This week’s National Enquirer has an interview with a former employee of John’s who was his secretary from 1978 to 1994, and she knew he was gay and it never bothered her. She also says she was aware of Travolta’s 6 year sexual relationship with his pilot Doug Gotterba in the 1980’s. Gotterba wouldn’t talk about it, but a later boyfriend of his DID reveal details about the gay relationship. The Enquirer also mentions that 16 year old Brooke Shields was once set up on a date with John to make him look straight. John’s lawyer must be delighted to see more hours of litigation ahead! (Photo above, John is kissing his “manny” Jeff Kathrein, who took such good care of his son Jett)


  1. As much as the government is shoving the gay lifestyle down our throats is great then why is john Travolta a punching bag of a gay lifestyle?

  2. Yes he is gay along with Ryan Seacrest, George Clooney, Jake Gyllenhaal, Dr Phil and Will Smith. They will face their maker.

  3. I suspect Travolta would have been out of the closet back in the 80’s but he got mixed up with the scientology cult. I find it absurd that people think that Preston doesn’t know Travolta’s preference. Of course, she knows. Again, I suspect that the cult has too much control over their lives.

  4. What is the attraction to Sci. for gay celebrities? Does Sci. offer them protection from the msm’s prying eyes?

  5. @hello, because he has lived his life trying to fool everyone and now the truth is coming out it’s news.

    @Patrick, yes it does. Or it did. I think they may be losing power because this kind of thing would have never leaked out before. The people accusing would have been harassed until they gave up. And by harassed, I mean the most extreme forms.

  6. I guess he’s lookin pretty busted now isn’t he.

  7. To:Patrick
    Yep,BUSTED!You took a words out of my mouth.

  8. Dragonfly he must be easy fodder for the masses or someone he didnt fuck is fuvking with him. There many other men and women who have understandings with their partners not with world. the stage hAs been set by producers, directors p.r. agents, agents long time ago to sell the stars acting image? Do u really think the real homosexuLuals are revealed by the press? Rumours has been going around that nyc mayoe michael bloomberg and ny governor cuomo are full blown cocksukers but the press won’t dare make a mockery out of them. Also, cumo first day in office he legalize gay marriage?! Nothing, on taxes, jobs, unemployment or wallstreet. Cocksuckers come on ahead of the line, forget education, homelessness and the economy. Hello!!!, you must be gay yourself if that is the first order of things. Lastly, rumours were his wife found him in bed with a man, that is why she left. The chick he has now is a beard, I don’t think they evenn live together.

  9. @Hello, I know there are tons more hiding in the closet and when the Enquirer gets pics of them, they will publish them too. Travolta being gay will shock a lot of people who are not up on the gossip sites. All the middle aged women who fell in love with Danny Zuko (sp) are going to faint at the news and that is what sells. A gay politician is not nearly as shocking as a heart throb that all these women had posters of. Regardless, it’s going to be interesting to see it play out.

  10. I’m wondering why it’s such a big deal to people… who cares? The only person that should have an opinion on this is his wife, and if she’s a “beard”, it doesn’t matter, if she’s not a beard and wants to leave him, it still doesn’t matter to me. I think he’s a great actor and I also think Mel Gibson is a great actor. I get tired of all the bullshit that is written about people. As if those of us here responding with smart-ass comments are so perfect.

  11. A very “tolerant” Hollyweird discriminates against Straight people.

  12. Now that they are eating their own will Cruise and Big Willy be next?

  13. Wow @Fabu. That is quite a statement to make while you are reading and commenting on a GOSSIP site. If you don’t care about the gossip in their lives, you are here because…..????

  14. The media protects the Heartbroken Gay Soldier Manning that leaked to Assange Wiki-Leaks National Secrets.
    Didn’t Kelly Preston “date” Looney Clooney too.

  15. for the note,the next pic exists:he kiss his cheek!

  16. We have a pilot friend that works for one of those small private airlines that flies celebs around. He flew John & Kelly a lot in the 90s, they were rarely together, and he walked into the cabin and “caught” Revolta with his boyfriends more than once. Few things creep me out more than scientology. So very, very fake. Who wants to live their life fake, fgs?

  17. I think Tiny Tom Cruise-meister is having an affair with David Miscavige, who is THE head of Scientology. David’s wife has been mysteriously missing for 6 years and the case has been closed.

    I think Travolta has many lovers and no specific one, altho the manny and pilot might have an edge over the others.

    Katie and Kelly def know about their girls (I mean men..lol), but prefer to accept it because they love their super-rich lifestyle. Plus, they may be afraid for their lives, as SCI is completely ruthless and can and have murdered.

    They have all sold their souls to satan.

  18. It seems like John Travolta being gay is causing you a headache. John Travolta doesn’t owe a goddam thing but a another sequal to From Paris with Love movie.

    None of these actors send contracts for us to sign out regarding their sexuality. The only people I will call faggots is George Clooney. Supporting things like Kony 2012 that he knows nothing about or must know and getting a healthy sum of money to spread propaganda.

    John, just fly his jets and plays around and with men because he has it like that to do so. Good for him!! That doesn’t affect me. I rather put money on a real dvd on john Travolta before I spend my time and energy to sit and watch a bootlegged George cloney movie borrowed from a friend.

  19. Wow. Up in Canada here..the tone here is much more pleasant. Read some really radical and insensitive statements. Whay is with all the hating? Be less concerned over other`s lives and take care of your own. If it does not directly affect you then why let it consume you. there are gay animals. get on with it. Gov`t shoving gay lifestyle down your throats? gays with have to face the maker? To you hear yourselves speak? You kno youw how ridiculous you sound?

  20. I think that John is secretly straight and he encourages the rumours so he can teach his children object lessons in morality, defamation, mass hysteria, and the featureless stupidity of the general public and the cruelty of the anonymous.

    Some of you guys are really pathetic, it’s one thing to be curious or titillated by the famous, but some of you seem to live for this shit, as if its happening to you.

    you do realize it’s not, right ? and most of it isn’t even happening at all …

  21. To those of you are opposed to gossip of ANY kind, why are you on here? I would suggest you contact all the rag mags, gossip mags, etc. and insist they shut down their publications. They will be rolling on the floor laughing their ass off.

    And here is a jewel for you…..’tis fact, not fiction, and not gossip. Those who participate in unseemly activities such as homosexuality and those who are enablers of these faggots will spend eternity in hell. See First Corinthians, chapter 6, verses 9,10,11.

    For Kelly to stay with this sick twisted demon-possessed man is beyond belief. This is telling the world that anything is OK, just do what feels good. Wait until judgment day, you will see that the Bible does not gossip or lie, but by then it will be too late.

  22. Who cares if he is gay or not ..How does it affect your life in any way? The man is great at his job and he is a loving father, not to mention he lost a child..He does not deserve so much BS. To all the church angry anti Gay freaks you claim the maker will judge him ..I can’t wait to see how he judges you all 1st!!!

    Just Saying A~

  23. Christine, Corinthians is just fiction, self help at best, just like Twilight, and Eat, Pray, Love.

    oh, and ” Hell”, …. another obvious fiction, like Hollywood, or Oz, or Kim, Brad, Lindsay and Paris.

    oh, the Gates of Hell, …. totally hidden under Donald Trump,s hair !

  24. Am I the only one thinking this thread was invaded by a bunch of Sci-bots trying to put us down for talking about one of their own?

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