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Here’s a fun idea. Longtime friends Beyonce and Gwyneth Paltrow cooked up a way for their families to spend some quality time together and their husbands Jay Z and Chris Martin love the idea. They’re going to rent a luxury Winnebago and hit the road in Florida together! (Does it make you think about the Ricardos and Mertzes?) Both Chris and Jay Z are exhausted after touring all this year and really want a break. They plan to drive around and hit a few beaches and see the tourist attractions in Florida – including Disney World. Now THIS would make a great reality show!

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  1. What would really make a great reality show is to throw a fifth party into the bunch. Like ….say…..Rhianna!!! lol 🙂

    There would be bitchin and moaning and threatening heard from one end of Florida to the next!!!

  2. Generally, there are several beds in a motorhome but only one private bedroom with a big Kind or Queen sized bed.

    Wonder who gets the bedroom? Do they take turns about? Do they all pile up in one big bed and snore and pass gas?

  3. @Walt – LOL!!!

    That sounds like the new version of “Bob, Carol Ted & Alice(Brady)” We have enough fake reality TV. If they can do us any favors, perhaps their Scooby-Doo van can pick up the Kartrashians & fly off a cliff into the abyss.

  4. ” Now THIS would make a great reality show!”

    Why exactly? The very thought is EVERYTHING that is wrong with the entertainment world today…

  5. frank, I think she meant compared to the boring drivel coming from fake wannabees which is what most of reality tv programming is.

  6. I wonder if Jay-Z is tapping Gywnnie?

  7. Isn’t there an old saying that says, “a sure way to end a friendship is to go on vacation with them” I wonder if this saying will apply?

    Could be interesting at night with Gwyneth’s macrobiotic farts stinking up the RV. Hahaaaa

  8. going “Metrolink & Amtrak” is their next step.

  9. There is no more loathsome, phony, unhealthy and more over-surveilled place on the planet than any DISNEY park! Yechhh!

  10. What in the world could this odd pairing have in common.
    Do they talk about their greed and failed Obama/OWS Tee shirts, fake concern for the Middle Class…
    And what does it say about a man that won’t be caught dead in a photo with his own wife.

  11. Beyonce is so desperate for an Oscar, Clint was forced to cast her and Gwynnie got hers through nepotism and connections.

  12. Muffie, I agree. After awhile, they will see their error; there is no way all 4 will agree on everything. The first 3 or 4 days may be OK, but after that, for me, it would be torture to be around someone so close for so long, and little irritations will creep in.

    Walt, re your first comment: I think Rihanna would be happy to oblige; she is a truly wild child.

    And last of all: Looks like Beyonce’s big leg and thigh weigh about as much as the whole of Gwynnie. lol

  13. @Muffie
    “Could be interesting at night with Gwyneth’s macrobiotic farts stinking up the RV. Hahaaaa”


    I couldn’t help myself and laughed out loud on that one! Tooooo funny!!! 🙂

  14. Yeah, Walt, Gwyneth may be little, but I’m certain her expulsions, pack a BIG punch 😉

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