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It’s interesting to note that our favorite vintage tabloid Confidential Magazine wrote in 1957 about Liberace making unwanted passes at an unnamed young male publicist. At the time this was shocking beyond words. Liberace sued and his career was undamaged, but years later the real story of his double life was revealed. His live-in drug addled boyfriend Scott Thorson (the one who had plastic surgery to look like Liberace) wrote the book that’s being made into the HBO movie “Behind the Candelabra.” Michael Douglas is playing Liberace and Matt Damon plays Scott Thorson. Dan Aykroyd has just been added to the cast to play Seymour Heller, Liberace’s longtime manager who disapproved of the boyfriend.

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  1. hollywood is dying for hetero sexuals who they can trust in good & bad times!!

  2. Granted, the situation appears to be quite similar. However, I still think Travolta wanted to be caught and out in the open. He took countless chances.

    Perhaps, it is the scientology cult that wants to keep things on the down low more than Travolta.

  3. I’m looking forward to seeing “Behind the Candelabra.” The script must be decent since they got a A List cast.

  4. I don’t feel sorry for him. Aren’t they told to be proud of who they really are? Hollyweird apparently thinks it’s the in thing to be gay or bi and proud of it!

  5. Wow I love seeing this magazine cover. I never knew they published such things in the 50s. I thought it was all fluff that they printed or things that were not really all that bad towards a star. I wish I could get my hands on some of these, I would love to read them.

  6. The National Enquirer is correct about things 95% of the time. They have reporters, spies, etc. everywhere w/ the latest teeny cameras, and they are well paid and damn good at what they do. The few times they are wrong, I have seen them print a retraction if they got something wrong. In fact, they were commended for helping out in the JonBenet Ramsey murder; they were able to find out things the FBI could not. BTW, will they ever solve this murder? Who do you think done it?

  7. Janet, you seem proud of the fact that a mans life is being destroyed by the tabloids! It’s none of anyone friggin business who JT does or doesn’t dink!

    Indy, I still think it was the mother that did it, accidentally. There was a story floating around, that the mother caught the father, in the act of molesting JB. She picked up a golf club, swung at the dad, and accidentally hit JB. Sounds like some sort of Shakespeare twist of fate story.

    To me this story is really the only one that makes sense. I think they would have caught an intruder via some sort of trace evidence left behind, otherwise.

  8. I love the top article, now surgery cures frigid wives! I find hilarious. Don’t they always say there is no such thing as a frigid woman just clumsy lovers.

  9. Just my two cents worth about Jonbenet Ramsey. I don’t think the parents had anything at all to do with it. There have been several reputable investigators that also said they didn’t do it that there was an intruder in the home.

    In fact, they believed that the intruder was actually waiting for them when they came home and waited for the family to go to sleep before approaching JonBenet.

  10. @Patrick, Did you see where Bob Welch, a former member of Fleetwood Mac who also had a solo career, has died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound? He was 65.

    His singles included “Hot Love, Cold World”, “Ebony Eyes”, “Precious Love”, and “Sentimental Lady”.

  11. No Walt, I hadn’t. I liked his music, what a shame.
    L.A. police are investigating if the Canadian psycho had anything to do with the body parts found at the Hollywood sign earlier this year. This thing is getting weirder. He possibly was in your area too Janet! As well as posting on your site.

  12. @Patrick
    What an absolute nut. I’m trying to read up as much as possible on the case. That’s scary stuff!

  13. I wonder who Liberace paid off to have this story go away? Did anyone back then actually BELIEVE this man was straight? Please! Re: Travolta, over the years, he has paid off a lot of folks, and now, there are just too many! The chickens, as they say, have come home to roost…

  14. Walt, everyone at Canada Post is freaked about packages right now. The head is still missing.

  15. @Patrick,
    The head is missing!!!!!!???? That gives me the chills!!!

  16. The Vancouver Sun is reporting a guy walking his dog found body parts at the “Hollywood” sign on January 17 of this year. That’s about the same time Magnotta was posting on Janet Charlton’s “Hollywood”.
    Careful with any bread box sized packages that show up on your doorstep, Janet.
    Are you paying attention to this?!It seems like you’re part of his trip!!

  17. It’s all the rage to be a homosexual in America.

  18. Patrick that story is just flat out creepy.

    I’m curious about the outcome to the riveting headling about Eartha Kitt and “the man who sat there – all night”. What happened the next day? Was he still sitting there?

    Oh, and the “cure” for a frigid woman is finding a guy who knows what the hell he’s doing.

  19. Patrick , I need more details on the Magnotta thing! What makes you think he posted on my site?

  20. SL is correct….the American people have now been brainwashed into thinking that Gays and Lesbos are the new normal. No way, no how….if JT and Sam Ronson want to make out with same sex…do it somewhere out of view and stop the parades and rainbow waving..All this behavior does is contribute to AIDS!

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