We have to give John Travolta a pat on the back for agreeing to appear on The TV Land Awards 2011 (airing April 17) with the cast of “Welcome Back Kotter.” Most break-out stars don’t want to look back at the shows that started them off in the business. The role of Vinnie Barbarino launched Travolta to incredible success. The other guys, not so much. But it will be fun to see them again. Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Ron Palillo, and Marcia Strassman are set to appear- Gabe Kaplan and Robert Hegyes are still thinking it over.


  1. Wonder what they have to think over? Sounds like it’s not one big happy family.

    Travolta is probably just trying to lure them into his money/slave labor cult.

  2. Walt, I think U R right. The SCI’s are always looking for more suckers and besides that, Cruise will give him a gold star on his Xenu chart.

  3. That was one stupid show. But then MOST shows back then were beyond brain dead. Horrible, just horrible!

  4. Just think, at one time Travolta was attractive, in shape, and appealing.

  5. The “Church” wouldn’t be interested in these folks, they don’t have any money.

  6. I am sure would be willing to get down on his knees to beg all the guys to show up for this reunion. He could say “hey guys come to the party. It’s in my mouth and everybody’s cummin”.

  7. Casonia Sade Logenberry and Hells kitchen..Your words have to match your actions and do what you say and say what you do. Sabotage is not good when it comes down to your team says:

    I Was just a kid watching this show and thought it was funny and crazy and my parents let me watch it and…liked it to some degree and at one point when John Travolta left? Lost the reason for wanting to watch the show and this was 1978 Before Saturday Night Fever Came out and for the time..The show was ground breaking and some major laughts but all in all..Part of History in T.V. Land.

  8. Casonia Logenberry..People wait forever to get on Hells kitchen and not every one got there food on steak Night and what a shame and that is really depressing to go home hungry..Elisa you pass the taste test and gathered 3 out of 4 wonderful. says:

    I liked it cause it was stupid and dumb and you did not have to think much watching the show and even with the replacements and the spin off with..Mr Carter having children made it so for me to hang on for a while and..I Do remember the song making it to the top ten..Welcome back carter song.

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