Encouraged by the success of his last Rocky movie, Sylvester Stallone is excited and nervous over his latest project John Rambo. Insiders say Sly really wants to be the bigtime player he used to be in Hollywood, and a lot depends on the new Rambo he recently finished. He even leaked the trailer early to try and get some response. Stallone, 61, knows the studio wants his to look 45 in the movie, and his body is bulging with muscles. But supplements and workouts don’t help his face, so Stallone, who also directed the film, is having extensive and EXPENSIVE retouching done in all his scenes to make him look younger. Our source told us he’s especially concerned with his jawline. It’s costing a fortune but the director thinks it’s worth it.

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  1. He looks gross just like his mother. And if his wife schelps that Serious Skin Care on QVC she should be hiding in the closet cause if those products really worked your tranny loving husband would not need a lift.

  2. it’s a shame he keeps making movies i think it’s time to call it quits. time to retire

  3. The movie plot- John Rambo searches a city for the last box of “depends” undergarmet & polident denture cream.
    John Rambo evades police who want to arrest & detain him for illegally importing steroids into the country.

  4. Strange, a very well done facelife would be more smart and less expensive, if does it faaaar away from Hollywoods butchers.
    I had a facelife in Stockholm last year. It costs 6300$ and it turned out realy natural and beautyful. I look like myself just more fresh and younger not like a plastic monster.
    Besides that what is wrong with an aged hero. No facelife needed if I think twice.
    Even Rambo gets old one day. Even old men can be strong, smart, heroic just check amongst retired army officers. Wanne bet they can still survive in a dangerous enviroment if they have to?
    I would love to see movies that include parts for aging Hollywoodstars. If anyone can play characterroles with deapth then older actors who have lived life.
    Can old actors play an actionhero? Yes why not? Why should an old Rambo or Lara Croft not be possible. It is time to give the older generation some credit. Our society gets older and older and the old retired gang is healthier then ever
    Wake upp Hollywood.

  5. As long as Stallone doesn’t run for Governor, I think the face lift is okay….if you like frightening and scary.

  6. Shouldn’t he be playing roles for someone his age? Grow up, already!

  7. Man growing old can be hard; it’s especially brutal in Hollywood. SS was larger than life for many beneficial years, longer than most leading men. It made him enormously wealthy and powerful but like that old philosophy all good things come to an end.
    Where SS needs a reality check is where he should put his aging energies.

  8. Plot Line- John Rambo launches a brutal attack on Washington to get his social security payments re-instated. Eventually gets taken into custody when his arch supports start “killing” him, severely limiting his mobility.

  9. The court goes “easy” on him. Sentence- 10years shuffleboard in Miami.

  10. All that extra facial skin can’t be helping with his word anunciation. We’ll need subtitles for the next Rambo.

  11. what the hell happen to this guy he was never very good looking but this is just hideous. look away folks he’s a monster.

  12. Looks like that guy ought to be swinging from limb to limb in a Tarzan Movie…
    Wonder who would be worthy to play Jane ?

  13. Wonder why Steven Seagal doesn’t get worked into some of Stallone’s movies ?
    I mean, those two guys just might be pretty awesome…

  14. They’re playing his nudie feature “the Italian Stallion” downtown in NYC. He is rumoured to have had a penis implant and to be bi.

  15. What a comeback! glad to have you back on screens sly 🙂 keep up the good work hope to see some more rambos

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