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Halle Berry visited a sick friend at UCLA medical center and she brought a gift as well as a bodyguard. But it seems odd that ever since she announced she was pregnant, she’s been out and about a lot, but we haven’t seen her with her boyfriend Gabriel Aubry. And she doesn’t look particularly happy without him. What’s up with that?

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  1. Another site is claiming Gabriel is seeing another woman. *cough*mediatakeout*cough*

  2. There is a picture of Gabe and Halle in Splashnews Gabe is very attentive to Halle and the news of Gabe Cheating is not true I hope Gabe comes out to clarify this

  3. C’mon, Janet give her a break! If she were only seen with him then you’d be saying “What’s up with that? Can’t he let her have some time to herself? Now that she’s carrying his child, does he think she can’t do anything without him?” Maybe he has been working. Maybe he had other things to do. Maybe he’s home putting a crib together. And maybe she doesn’t look happy because she has a fetus inside her and her hormones are raging.

  4. Oh so they have to be joined at the hip every second of every day? You’re a ridiculous moron, Janet.

  5. she’s doing her own thing at the moment she does’nt need her better half with her all the time.

  6. I was hoping her banging hot boyfriend would be knocking on my door.
    He’s a hot piece of manflesh.

  7. Check out mediatakeout.com interesting that they removed the article stating that Gabe cheated on Halle maybe they are scared because of an impending lawsuit.

  8. Glad MTO removed it. He didn’t cheat on Halle. Some yahoo from justjared.com sent it in as others claim. Saw the pix/video too on Splash from the shopping on NoMi.

  9. Probably removed because of the gay and Halle getting preggers by Aubry by IVF comments.

  10. Also, my guess too about there were several posts about Halle’s mental state etc. besides the racial, gay and in-vitro comments.

  11. Let’s hope other sites didn’t pick up on that bs. Even if HB’s or GA’s camp threatened with a lawsuit…there will probably more bs printed about them in the next 4-6 months–so I am only guess Halle’s manager, lawyer and publicist are going to busy dodging rumors.

  12. Does it really matter even if they keep on spreading untrue gossip bi gay IVF or Halle is mentally unstable the thing that matters is they are going to have a baby together and no one can change that and that baby will bond them even closer together.

  13. The dude is really gay. They really did in-vitro. Yes, she’s been giving him money (tired of the crap he’s one of the highest paid male underwear models)for being her sperm donor and his restaurant. Yes, their relationship is really a sham so Halle can get what she wants as usual. Yet, she is always unhappy and doesn’t have a way out. The truth will come out. Trust me. If she goes full term, let’s see how long he’s in the pix.

  14. Even if they don’t stay together Gabe will always be a part of Halle’s life because of the baby and I hear that Gabe wants to be a Dad for a long time Read People Magazine

  15. Anonymous(he is really gay) you are total BS you are full of hate you can hate someone but wishing that something bad will happen to them is beyond evil you are a pathetic loser go burn in hell.

  16. The People Magazine article is total bs, who in their right mine is friends with a tv tabloid reporter, please?

  17. Yep, Janet I think you’re fishing for something, but there may be truth into why she only has him appear when she needs to be seen with him. It wouldn’t surprise me if he had his own secret home for himself in LA. Total BS about him being one of the highest paid male (underwear) models–he only makes $27K-$40+-K per photo shoot (when he works) according to his manager. Plus he has someone else run the restaurant which isn’t really doing well according to my friends in the NYC restaurant biz.

  18. Keep on speculating guys keep on fishing because there is no way that you can find anything I just wish that you guys will be sick and tired of trashing Gabe and Halle Anonymous(Who hates Gabe)Shame on just keep on making up stories and keep on posting it on different sites do you work or are you a Bum

  19. Well this little lady just got out a relationship and it is not like she had some one waiting on the side to be with and when people break up..They never really know it is coming and it is like a cracked egg that is not going to be put back together and tempers and frustration happens and when people break up it is a massive misunderstanding of the relationship coming to an end and either party can nolonger handle the drama and trama of the heartach and that is when woman crave breaks and nolonger want a relationship and long for a break and that is when a woman enter single-hood and that is the reason a woman can nolonger hang with a relationship and when a woman is alone for a while it give them time to think things over and examing where things went wrong and work on self. When she is ready and it feels right..Again you will find her gather of a relationship again.

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