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Humiliation is not enough for onetime Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards – frankly we wish he had been found GUILTY of using campaign funds to support his affair with mistress Rielle Hunter while his wife was dying of cancer. (And don’t forget his $1250.00 haircuts) At least we have The Enquirer to thank for the entire expose and hopefully the end of Edwards’ political career. The New York Post has come up with a list of The 10 Most Hated People in America and we think it’s pretty accurate. It’s interesting how they combine criminals and celebrities! Jesse James will be relieved that he fell off the list.

1 John Edwards
2 Bernie Madoff
3 Casey Anthony
4 O.J. Simpson
5 Mel Gibson
6 Jerry Sandusky
7 Kim Kardashian
8 Michael Moore
9 Tiger Woods
10 Paris Hilton

What’s YOUR opinion? Have they forgotten anyone?

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  1. The Dog Eating Kenyan destroying America is Number One….Your list is wrong… Their is no bigger ponzi scheme than Hope and Change.

  2. Edwards wife was no saint either she knew everything and just like Maria Shriver hung in there hoping to become First or Second Lady .

  3. Bernie has to be number 1. He screwed so many people and ruined their lives. Casey Anderson has to be close. John Edwards is just a loser who has to live with what he is. I don’t hate him, he is just pond scum not worthy of any more attention. Ditto for the Kartrashians. Who even hears about Paris anymore?(thank God)

  4. I’d take Michael Moore and John Edwards off the list. Moore makes entertaining films, and Edwards is paying himself back in the biggest way. Is he still stuck with that looney bimbo?

  5. I agree w/ Chris: Elizabeth Edwards was certainly no angel. Rielle Hunter should be on the list, too.

  6. What has the Main Stream Media come to…when we get more truth out of the National Enquirer than so-called serious Journalists and they know who they are.

  7. As far as I’m concerned, there are only 3 people on the list that did anything that deserves anyone’s hatred. That’s 3, 4 and 6.

  8. Casey Anthony should be 1 and O J 2-they actually killed somebody. The others are well deserved too. Edwards is definately a scumbag and should be in jail. Elizabeth was willing to do anything to be in the White House too, so she wasn’t totally innocent. She was willing to go along with the lie about paternity to save the campaign.

  9. Even more EVIL than Sandusky are the people that looked the other way while children were being raped.

  10. I agree with Mufie.

    How could you hate Paris Hilton. Unlikable but she’s never raped little boys, murdered ex wife, stolen zillions from retirees.

  11. Moore should stay on the list and OBummer. Marc Zimmerman was nullified too but he really is just kind of a dumb guy. He’s mainly guilty of being stupid. Kartrashian deserves to be on that list because she flaunts and promotes wearing fur which is wrong and horrible.

  12. The list could be renamed the Top Ten D-Bags in America, which would be more accurate to those listed on it. But yes, O-yeswecan-bama should be on it. He could replace Mel Gibson!

  13. Patrick, why do you want the FBI to save the ass of Canadiens from a serial killer? Where the hell are the Mounties? Don’t you have any trust in the abilities of the Royal Canadian Mounties to catch a killer? You live in Canada, the FBI lives in the USA. The killer did his deed in Canada. Have some trust dude in your own police system!

  14. This is from a Canadians perspective.
    But I think Dubya should be at the top of the list and Clinton should be in there for for allowing sub prime mortgages.

  15. Yeah, Patrick, Dubya should be on the list, along with right wing christian fundalismentantis.

  16. Poor little imposter got some time off from the call center and came right out and posted all 3 of the above….it must feel like it is really somebody now!

    What did John Edwards do that Bill Clinton didn’t is my question. Same for John Kerry and John McCain in the affair aspect.

  17. How did Bush & his cronies not make the list & yet Paris Hilton did? Some’em askew.

  18. The list looks about right. I’d take off P. Hilton and add Obama. If he isn’t one of the most hated yet, he will be when the American public (who sadly aren’t well educated) come to realize how he screwed over this country.

    And for those who have bad words for Elizabeth Edwards – you should be ashamed of yourselves. She didn’t ask for what her scummy husband did. She was fighting a bigger battle at the time – for her very life.

  19. Add to that list: Kelly Ripa

    She was obviously so glad to get rid of Regis Philbin and now she is #1 and got a big raise now that he is gone. She thinks she has the most beautiful face on the planet and thinks she is God’s gift to the penis. With all her hair extensions and rich I’m-better-than-you mannerisms, she makes me cringe with dislike.

    Also Muslim Hussein Obama and big Michelle who have dissed our flag many times (see YouTube).

  20. Why is Paris Hilton on there: she has hurt no one. Everyone knows she is an heir-head and is fun to see what she will do next.

  21. like alot of politicians who claim they tell the truth.

  22. #1 Government
    #2 All living Presidents
    #3 Sandusky and all the people he is hiding
    #4 CIA
    #5 Military Complex

  23. #6 Ben Bernanke
    #7 Salespeople who sell derivatives
    #8 Timothy Geinther
    #9 Monsanto
    10# Corporations

  24. They must not of polled the people of Wisconsin . Scott Walker is hated here !

  25. Scott Walker is just trying to do what every governor will be doing. The City, State, and Federal Workers contribut very little but get huge pay and benefits. Give Walker support for trying to change this.

  26. Face it, we could all come up with a top ten list of people we hate.

    John Edwards is hardly the first guy to try to hide a mistress, and he won’t be the last. I agree with Muffie and Christeen. Murderers and child abusers deserve our hate. The rest of them should just be ignored.

  27. Strom imposter, the fugitive has gone international which brings in the F.B.I. Quantico profilers are liasing with Canadian federal authorities to try and locate the killer.
    Furthermore,I wouldn’t call the R.C.M.P. if I saw somebody killing someone. They would probably take me in, kill me and blame me. They are a broken, inept, corrupt, shadow of their former selves.
    p.s. Hello has the military complex on her list. Bingo! As forewarned by Eisenhower.

  28. I am nt sure any of these should be hated but several should be pitied and/or locked away. So should many of our politicians and political leaders who try and keep people on a never ending forced drip to govt hand outs. Throw these bastards from each party out and as Herman Cain said…get off your ass and go to work!

  29. Hate is harsh, nasty word. I don’t hate John Edwards. In fact, I don’t know anyone or recall anyone I know saying that they hated him.

    I was disappointed but not entirely surprised by a politican having a mistress or the possible abuse of donations.

    He wasn’t the first one and he won’t be the last.


    “See, the problem is that God gives men a brain and a penis, and only enough blood to run one at a time.”
    —–quote by Robin Williams

  30. On a lighter note, Heidi Montag & Spencer Pratt?

  31. Interesting…..all of them suffer from extreme narcissism or should I say they make everyone else suffer for it…

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