Lindsay Lohan’s so-called list of 36 celebrity lovers in In Touch, is not surprising since many of the guys named had the same predilections (if you know what we mean) as Lindsay. But a few of the names were supposedly crossed out because the men were involved were too influential and possibly married at the time of their trysts. One surprising fling we heard about years ago was Bruce Willis. Lindsay was living in an apartment across from The Grove and a disapproving neighbor told us she saw Bruce Willis paying sneaky visits to Lindsay’s apartment and the two of them walking around the building together. She was under 21 at the time. So there’s ONE name you won’t see on her “list.”


  1. Good for her. She has a healthy sexual appetite. If it were a man, he’d be celebrated as a viril stud. If it is a woman, she is painted as a whore or immoral.

  2. Lohan must’ve got kicked to the curb by the almighty Oprah. After her docuseries tanked the other night, it seems fairly obvious that Lindsay being back in the tabloids again, is no coincidence.

  3. I, too, have heard she and BW had it going on. I think there is truth to this.

  4. You could shorten that list and just make it who hasn’t banged her.

  5. long island trash.

    Girl pissed away her opportunities partying in crap nightclubs with other parasites.

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