According to Radaronline, Joe used money from their joint business account to finance his lavish first class five star vacation in Cabo and Tina imagined Joe was overspending to impress a “companion.” She was right. We’ve been told that the “companion” was a young blonde man that he met on Grindr, who WAS quite impressed. Tina is outraged at his careless spending and we predict the divorce won’t get any easier…

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  1. Dayum! Bet 300K buys A LOT of premium tail LOL.

    Wifey must have been uh spitting bricks!

  2. Why do we have to click on the red page before we can get to this site? Annoying as hell

  3. i really feel for joe simpson, its terrible to pretend u are totally smth else….

  4. I would be so angry if a fa**otty man did this to me. If he had any sense he would give this woman what she wants and move on. This all must be very confusing to the rest of this family. I don’t mind men being gay but when they ruin a woman’s life like this, this is what makes him an a**hole and the same can be said of women who do this to their husband too.

  5. What happened to Joe, a previous minister/youth minister? Was he having affairs w/ men for all the years he was married and if so, how could Tina not have suspected. In any case, the Simpsons have more than there share of problems: Ashlee divorced, Jessica divorced and knocked up twice by her unemployed fiance, prone to put on lotsa weight, and now Tina suffering. Prayers are needed, esp. considering where Joe is heading when the trump sounds. He needs to repent, but it’s not likely. I hope no one approves of him being gay, esp. since he took marrige vows before GOD.

  6. What a jerk! I hope she takes him for every penny he’s got and then some.

  7. cocaine is a hell of a drug. (Rick James)He looked so handsome in those days’.
    He let those boys’ twerk him out.
    The wife is not going anywhere with that type of money. He is the brain of their empire so what can they say. Yes they are upset but what can they do. Jessica likes to eat and so what? Her baby daddy is well paid and keep jessica happy.

  8. Christine, your brand of hatred is deeply offensive, if you have children, ( which we pray you don’t ) they will be ashamed of your crass, provincial stupidity.

  9. Hey Kip and Lawanda, don’t stop at gnawing on Christine…how bout giving a big dose to old sherry lynee up there with her ignorant comment about Texans. You notice she doesn’t mention where her stupid ass is from cause no one wants to come from that God awful place.

  10. noble, you’re right usually Sherrylyne reserves her race hared for others, she and Christine will make a nice couple in the lakes o fire ;-

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