We were highly amused to read about Bianca Jagger resenting being called a tightwad after an incident in Austria. It seems Bianca was in Austria when she lost a ring that she said was worth $250,000, according to Page Six. A local man found and returned the ring, and expected a 5% reward, which is the LAW in Austria. Bianca immediately said she was “mistaken” about the value of the ring and it was only worth $12,500. She offered the guy $1,250 and now he is taking her to court. We’re here to say that Bianca IS a cheapskate – even more so than her exhusband Mick Jagger. Back in the 70’s, we had a clothing store on Sunset Strip frequented by rock stars and Bianca, who was married to Mick at the time, came in. She spent a lot of time picking out and trying on an armload of expensive clothes and dumped them all on the counter. When the cashier started adding up the prices she freaked and gasped “Do you know who I AM?” She expected the get the clothes FREE because she was married to Mick (who paid full price for his own stuff – more on that, another time) We explained it was a small shop and we couldn’t afford to give clothes away to anybody. When it became clear that she wasn’t getting her selections for free, she stormed out and we never saw her again. (Above, Bianca and Mick at their daughter Jade’s wedding last year))

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  1. Jesus, bianca looks like a man in that pic. Why is she dressed like she is at a funeral than a wedding. She was trying to get out of paying a park ave apt claiming mold. Just have it cleaned

  2. Whoa, time has definately been on this old broads side. She looks she’s 95. I can’t believe I’m saying this but, Mick Jagger actually looks better than his ex.

    The daughter, on the other hand, looks pretty darn good. The fact that she looks nothing like her mother is probably the biggest blessing and sigh of relief, in her life. Phewf

  3. Weird law! What offends me more is her behaviour in your store years ago. Whenever I read these things, I always start by trying to imagine some kind of excuse or alternate POV to explain the bad behaviour, but in this case, I am stumped. Why the rich and famous would expect free stuff is beyond me. The people who have to scrimp and save, pay full price or go without; while celebrities get it for free?

  4. I love stories like that… because you can just imagine it happening.

    I heard a story about Kate Moss asking for a discount in a clothes store in London once… the cashier replied “if anybody can afford to pay full price it’s you…” Class.

  5. Sounds like she’s a moron in finance and .. fool in thinking herself having a widespread celebrity reputation, usually of a favorable nature? How does getting clothes free benefit the shop owner.. other than make her a generous benefactor most worthy to rob you?

  6. this is american behaviour, americans alway’s say enormous amounts of money, things are worth but in the end it’s only tin & glass instead of gold & diamonds……………KINDA CHEAPY, agree!!

  7. She looks like one of those old broads that steals Dalamations for coats!

  8. Hello, I agree, Bianca could pass for a man easily. lol 🙁

  9. Good one Patrick! I love this type of story. I also would have loved seeing my Dad in a suit like Mick’s at my wedding. Tom would’ve rocked it.

  10. Bianca appears to have sucked on a few lemons right before the photo was taken. Mick appears to be taking delight in having pissed off the ol’ ex! LOL!

  11. Jade appears to be thinking “Take the damn pictures already! I wanna get the hell outta here! My dad has royally pissed off my mum by informing her that Halloween is over, so it’s time she removed her mask and she’s ready to clobber him!”

  12. Bianca looks like she is ready to star in a Disney movie as a Cruella/wicked step-mother type character.

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