We haven’t seen Jean-Claude Van Damme in a long time but we have loads of entertaining memories of his antics. Above he is on his best behavior with his kids Kristopher and Bianca – he’s still married to his beautiful long suffering wife Gladys Portugues, who used to be a top female bodybuilder. We remember years back when bad boy Jean-Claude locked himself and an earlier wife in the bathroom at a Brentwood pharmacy. They had extremely loud sex and all the people waiting in line for their prescriptions were appalled. Gladys was probably the best thing that ever happened to him.

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  1. Beautiful children too bad it’s rumored that their dad is HIV+.

  2. Plus, he is short (think T.Cruise). Short on brains too, as he has been a doper for years. Hope his kids turn out better.

  3. Why has he not been banned from influencing these poor children?

  4. For several decades he’s impotent.
    Those kids aren’t his!!

  5. I have never been attracted to Jean-Claude-Van-Damme and all I Ever liked about him was his fighting style it really rocked but his acting was Bland and boring to some degree and there has always been something lacking to me but if he makes cute kids fantastic and wonder to have a sweet little Minny me or equal mommy and daddy combination baby is outstanding and yes as-long as you can do make more children but thank god for the ones you have already and of course if your children go into acting it is going to be great to see the children of Van-Damme Bamm the acting world!

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