If Daniel Craig, 43, looks a bit gaunt and drawn in his new movie “Aliens and Cowboys” (above right) it’s because he relished the idea of playing a skinny cowboy and was delighted that he didn’t have to train for the movie. Craig’s physique has shrunk since he played James Bond in Casino Royale (above left) but he has to pack on the beefy muscles all over again. In November he starts filming the next Bond movie and producers have told him to bulk up. They don’t want a scrawny James Bond. Daniel and Rachel Weisz, 41, played newlyweds in “Dream House” and they fell hopelessly in love. both dropped their longtime companions, and they married secretly in June.


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  1. he must do it all by hand.

  2. Janet forgets (due to her old age) that Daniel bulked up for the role. That’s what actors do when they are playing a certain type of character.

  3. He looks great and I can’t wait til the next Bond film comes out. Daniel is a great actor and his new wife is also very good. Their movies are always sur bets.

  4. He’s a real hunk and very hot. One of the new stars that actually DO look good AND can act! I will go see the new movie that sounds stupid as hell “Cowboys and Aliens” But the guys, dressed up in their sexy long black coats will drive me WILD!!!

    The “Alien” part, from the commercials, look rediculous and laughable, so I hope that was intended. But I will sure enjoy scoping out the hot fellows, and my boyfriend will reap great rewards (on his birthday) when we get home! (And I will close my eyes and conjur Daniel Craig)! YIPPEE!!!!

  5. Casonia Sade Logenberry of Seattle washington and on Hells kitchen fox 13 season 9....All the Men and Woman on Hells kitchen have to go 7 weeks without sex..How frustrating could that be? says:

    I have seen him clean and seen him dirty and I Like him in this movie more then any role…He has done in the pass and He took this role and made it his own and that is something he did with this part and that is own it…From start to finish…Harrison Ford should get an award for what..He did in this movie..I love the way they played off each other and I like the action and drama and some fear placed at the movies as well and I thougth the movie was well Balanced and had just enough of everything that was needed.

  6. Casonia Sade Logenberry..Hells kitchen and Masterchef really rock and Know kitchen nightmare is being filmed and sesaon 9 is going on? says:

    Daniels Craigs has some one to love and share his life with and good for him. Rachel weisz is lovely lady and she did an incredible job in the movie as well and American all over the world..Take your family and friends to see this movie and I swear your going to love it from start to finish.

  7. When a man is in love with a woman of course you want to spend the rest of your life with them. Love is something you feel and have real hard emotions for and…He did a wonderful job finding a mate…Who thinks he is great!

  8. It took some time for me to warm up on his acting but…He is on his way…Matter of fact he reminds me of John Wayne on many levels and as far as I can see he is on his way to Greatness!

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