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That wasn’t an oddly shaped black leather handbag draped over Blake Lively’s arm yesterday – many readers speculated about it. Turns out what she’s clutching is a monster toy called “Rice Baby” – it has a brass face, leather body, and it’s filled with rice. The toy is called a “spiritual guide” and “keeper of secrets” and this Baby is said to be “capable of time and space travel.” You get a lot for $200. Is this the “next big thing?”


  1. Great. More Hollyweird voodoo. These silly fuckers need to leave the devil alone before they stir up something they didm’t mean to…

  2. The next big thing for idiots who have too much money

  3. HAHAHAHAAH so pathetic, it is funny.


    I shouldn’t laugh to hard, someone will make a lot of $ out of this.

  4. She paid two hundred bucks for that thing? Lordy it’s hideous.

  5. I LOVE the thing! I would SO get one just for the cool artsy brass face, don’t really give a shit about the rest of it other than it’s leather which is cool. But I am not a MORON therefore I will NOY be parting with $200 bucks just to be able to have that cool brass face and see it closer. OH, and the ears/horns/whatevers are cool too. The tail should be made out of those hair pieces all the girls use.

  6. Reta I will “noy” be parting with 200 bucks either.
    Take a valium girl…slow…slow.

  7. If I need to spill any secrets, I’ll just drag out my old “Pet Rock”.

  8. This freaky doll is too ugly and awkward in explanations to love it.. Why you trust doll.. you got no mind of your own blondie?

  9. I DO just love the artsy face of the thing, and I’m sure, being a very tactile person myself, that the leather is great to just have in your hand and against your arm like that. Leather even gets better feeling as it gets handled and gets older, more supple. It IS skin, after all.

    You have to hand it to the girl, she IS brave to actually go around in public carrying this thing. When we are children, most of us have a tactile love for a favorite stuffed toy or a certain doll that we maybe even carry around a lot, maybe even in public.

    Who SAYS an adult can’t enjoy the same experience without getting carted off to the loony bin? Maybe she doesn’t want a child, but still wants to carry something (someONE?) around in her arms a bit? Maybe she doesn’t have time for a puppy, but still wants to feel something warm and cuddly and small?

    I LIKE the funny little thing, but will NOT be getting one due to the over-exorbitant pricetag. Too bad. I might just take mine out in public too for a sunshiny cuddle!

  10. Secrets are hard for people to hold on to and of course if this little toy…Rice Baby makes her happy and give her relief in some way..Then so be it and this ungly little thing cost $200.00 not worth it but if it make her happy and makes her feel safe and to her it is better then a priest and that is okay and for two-hundred dollars..Who is not going to want to hold on to that little weird thing. It gives her faith and it makes her happy and that is the only thing that manners

  11. It is a Blamo Rice baby and was given to her by Leo Dicaprio which would explain why she is lugging it around. It’s her close replacement to him, and a sweet present. An unusual art piece, hand made by a true artist, Spencer Hansen who does other unigue things, creatures, all very interesting. Look him up.

  12. Just wait Reta. If it becomes popular, there will be cheaper knockoffs.

  13. Yeah! I just hope the face is as cool! I really love the art of the brass face which had to be pounded over a harder surface carved into this face style. Hell, it even makes me want to try making one myself. Might be kind of fun to put one together!

  14. you guys this isn’t vudo or wht evr ok this think costs $200 cuz it is hand made and if u go on the website then u will c there are only 2 left available. if u dont wanna spend $200 than thts fine no need to let us know. and the keeper of secrets thing its suppose to b a joke. i kno the person who desined the these things. so please if u don’t have anything nice to say don’t say anything at all!

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