Of all the unpleasant things that have been said about Johnny Depp, it seems the only insult he resents is being called a “wife beater.” His ex-wife Amber Heard called him that and The Sun wrote about it so he’s suing the paper for defamation. (Depp claims Heard is a sociopath who actually hit HIM) The sensational libel trial started today in London, and Johnny and Amber arrived by separate entrances, armed with accusations. Johnny started off by admitting he had “taken every drug under the sun by age 14”, but never hit a woman. We remember when Johnny was seeing Kate Moss back in the 90’s, he drunkenly trashed their NY hotel room. Will she be called to testify? He does have an anger problem and has been abusive to co-workers on movie sets. Ellen Barkin said she saw Johnny hurl a bottle of wine across a hotel room, and he called her a liar. This trial should prove to be VERY revealing…

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  1. Amber is a grifter. Moving on from victim to victim. She almost had Musk convinced to give her money.

  2. men get thrown under the rug ,so to speak.women who are abuser always are justify in there reason.abuser does not have a sex,male or female should not make a difference an abuser is an abuser.

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