We’re not certain that the phrase “the cream is rising to the top” is appropriate in this case, but the most popular of the Jersey Shore gang are making out like bandits in their new contract negotiations. The whole gang refused to work on the show last weekend until they have signed contracts. MTV wants the incredibly successful show to continue into a 3rd season and they are arguing that if the stars are wealthy they won’t be so likeable or appealing. That doesn’t fly with the Jersey kids who want to cash in while they can. Snooki, The Situation, and Pauly D are the most popular of the group. (Note they are seated dead center in The View photo above) They are expected to at least triple their current $10,000 per episode salaries. Snooki and The Situation have already settled on deals they like and Pauly D will soon follow. If the “less important” members of the Jersey cast ask for too much, they might not be invited to return. And if there is a big difference in salaries, how will it affect their relationships? MTV has a lot to consider.



  1. More proof that the public caters to stupid. What’s so special about these shallow douches? And who the hell watches this trash?

  2. I agree Sally. The minute these moron held up the show they should have ALL been fired. They ALL are replacable with any idiots out of any bar you can find. They are stupid, drink too much and screw anybody. Gee THAT’s special, pay them thousands why don’t you!?

  3. Looking at these low-life scum just mirrors the slow downfall of America. Snooki….oooh, freakin’ ugly.

  4. I thought they were all going to do summer stock and then head off to Broadway in the fall.

  5. I’ve never seen this so-called show and never will, but what I can’t understand is what happen to entertainment? Where is the real talent gone? Thank God for the Food Channel.

  6. Cable tv is full of drivel, so no wonder these doofs are popular.

  7. we only allow SNOOKI to continue with entertaining the folks on this globe, folks!!

  8. I agree with you Lenny, where has the talent gone? I feel for those who have studied acting or music, paying their dues & honing their craft unlike these degenerates.

  9. I guess all the previous commenters watch is Masterpiece Theater. I think the show is hilarity! It’s just a bunch of kids having fun. As far as being offensive to Italian-Americans that’s bullsh**. You would have to be a special kind of retarded to think this show is representative of any group (any group besides stupid people that is). Anybody remember a little thing called the Sopranos? Now THAT was “offensive”. I’m glad they got their money (while the getting’s good) and hope they don’t fall into that Hills trap.

  10. James, what is the point of watching people make asses of themselves. I never understood this about the Jackass show, or the Real World.

    I am a Masterpiece Theatre type, but am no snob – I love trashy sitcoms for example. But these semi-scripted reality shows filled with creeps (male and female) doing rotten and stupid things and spending money on crap make me shudder.

    And I agree, the Sopranos was offensive…as was SATC.

  11. This is a shameful way for ANY TV Network to spend its money. I hate reality TV for bringing this trash to the public sphere. Never watched it, never will. I don’t think it’s cool or moral to glamourize drinking, brawling, mindless bags of hair and tanning muck. Call me old fashioned.

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