Here’s a surprise: the stodgiest old tea companies in the UK are madly bidding to sign up Lady Gaga as their product ambassador! Gaga is often photographed with a fancy teacup in her hand and not long ago when she was a guest on the Jonathan Ross BBC talk show, she brought her own cup of ginger tea. Besides the Queen, Gaga is now considered the most famous tea drinker in the world. The 300 year old Twinings company is most likely to strike a deal with Gaga, and they want to launch a new tea with her face on it to appeal to the younger generation. Everything Gaga touches, turns to gold!


  1. Lady Gaga is so ugly and untalented. Her whole persona is based on freaky costumes, weird wigs and doing outlandish stuff for attention. Her 15 minutes will be up soon enough.

  2. Who would want this trash as their product spokesperson. Yuck.

  3. I’m tired of Gaga–hearing about her and seeing her. I agree with Seinfeld. She’s a jerk.

  4. Gaga is the ugliest celebrity woman there is. I think all ugly people identify with her, so maybe that’s why she’s popular right now. I don’t see her popularity lasting, though. She’s not that talented.

  5. Gsga is a waste of space. I’ve never been impressed with her music. Her live performances are even worst.

  6. That’s the most normal wig Gaga has ever worn in that picture. She should go for that look more often. She still can’t really sing, dance or play the piano.

  7. You know I don’t put much emphasis on looks and sometimes find beauty in the oddest looking folks.

    But homegirl is hideous looking right down to her nose. Her mouth really bothers me and it’s not just the overbite. It’s like she needs all this funky getup to distract you from her mutt face. Because without the makeup or crazy ensemble she looks like a cranked-up Burt from Sesame Street.

  8. All of you are dead-on! The pic above has her looking like a rat mouthed sleepwalking wannabe grandma. I wish someone would spike her tea with arsenic so she would disappear because I’m so sick of seeing her clown get-up freakshow efforts for attention. Didn’t her parents give her any love when she was growing up? I’ve NEVER seen anybody so rediculous and BORING at the same time. It’s OVER when you have to try that hard to be something. Just BE something on your own if you’re talented, if you have a voice and can play piano, then DO that, and let people judge the TALENT and stop trying to pull off that old magician’s trick…”look at all my rediculous outfits while I perform and you’ll be so distracted you won’t notice how bad I suck!”

  9. Lady Gaga is so attention-seeking. She has become sickening. I don’t find her talented at all, so to me the only way she’s staying in the limelight is with a bunch of gimmicks.

  10. Love how she did her lips! She always has the most exquisite tea cups and saucers. So creative, and continually interesting. Not to mention a gorgeous voice.

  11. Stefani Joanne Angelina Germunotta is the real name of so-called Lady GaGa and you wonder why she shorten her real name. The talent isn’t what she pushes it’s being outlandish and weird. Please go away.

  12. That is the worst picture of GaGa.

    I like the Lady’s music – it is well-produced, but, nothing really original. It is good slick product, nothing more.

    And, yes, I am bored also.

  13. Well, I’ve been buying Twinings for years, but if they’re paying her to represent them, I’ll switch. There are a lot of good tea companies.

  14. I have a love/hate thing with Lady GaGa. On the one hand I appreciate that she sings LIVE, writes her own music and can play piano but on the other hand her over the top persona grates on my last raw nerve. I wish she would stop the theatrics and just let the music do the talking.

  15. I agree Kylie. Someone should tell GaGa it is not 1980, and she is not an art student. She should drop the performance art crap and just sing.

  16. Kylie, she doesn’t ALWAYS sing “live” I have seen at least a couple of her clips where she was doing dance moves and supposedly “singing” into a mic and things were just off, and the time she became exhausted and nearly passed out, people said she was really high on something, but the singing voice went on just the same while she was lying on the ground barely able to move and close to passed out. She’s obviously doing what every other female who sings and dances at the same time does, dances live to her recorded tracs. You can catch it if you’re very observant. I wouldn’t pay a cent to see this fake “live.”

  17. It’s really impossible to sing and do that kind of rigorous dancing live. You’re out of breath quick. Considering she’s a smoker I doubt half the time she sings live. Also nothing special bout the way she plays piano, it’s just another lame gimmick.

    And her songs are written with collaborators, which means that most of it isn’t hers to begin with. Her songs are catchy, but they all sound the same after a while and I tend to get bored with people like her. Let’s all splatter paint on ourselves and walk down main street and proclaim it art. This Bitch is pretentious.

  18. People like her don’t get that absense makes the heart grow fonder. Missing someone can be a good thing. Homegirl doesn’t understand the concept maybe it’s because she’s one of those that’s easily forgettable.

    For instance, Sade disappears for 10 years and nobody hears anything from her. No photo, no interview, no nothing. She comes back and her fans still adore her and her album shoots to numer one.

    On a side note, Gaga has never had a number one album in the states.

  19. I’m way late to the Gaga party, only now getting to know who she is, and what her music is all about. I really like her songs, and try not to see too much of her in the papers, cause like anything, her novelty can get old in a hurry. I’d rather just listen to her than see all her silly outfits and shoes (I see plenty of her here on this site). I don’t drink tea, so it wont affect my purchasing dollars…

  20. Sally, I am not vehemently disagreeing with you on this, but it is possible to sing live when doing vigorous dancing. Musical theatre performers of old did it, and so did some pop singers.

    I think the reason that many of the pop tart types do not sing live is because attempts to control their weight are affecting them physically – limiting their endurance, etc.

    Look at Madonna. She has terrible breath control, even on recorded tracks (despite vocal training, which she did for Evita), and does little live singing. She cannot handle it, despite here vigorous fitness regimes. Why? She has had eating disorders since her early twenties.

  21. Oh Reta, why don’t you just marry Sally already! We are never going to happen after all!!!

  22. Like HELLO people, Tina Turner managed the dancing/singing thing just fine. These people just do not have any TALENT and are LAZY. It’s easier to just autotune/lip sync.

  23. Sally, GaGa need not care about the States. She is an international success. ABBA was quite indifferent to the U.S., as was Kylie Minogue (who canceled a U.S. tour at the peak of her Fever success).

    Reta, there are a myriad of reasons people collaborate now. Yes, one of them is sometimes lack of talent. However, there are also contractual and monetary reasons. Collaborations are more a sign of how evil the entertainment corporations now are than of how talentless a performer is.

  24. Yes lady Gaga you are sweet and kind and tender and men love you to death and your such a good dancer and I am happy your in the world making your mark and being wonderful and giving something that you created yourself to the world and your amazing and young and strong and have the whole world to look forward to and you are one of a kind and there has never been any one like you and I know you like to drink your tea with a Diamond in the glass and your like that Diamond that sparkles and bring light every where you go.

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