This TV star made headlines when she announced that she and her husband were separating, and while viewers of her popular show might have been surprised- the reality is her girlfriends didn’t bat an eye at the news. Although they’re publicly claiming they just grew apart, the tea is that her husband wants to explore his sexuality and might be gay! Our long suffering wife has been complaining to pals that while her hubby is a good provider, their sex life has been practically nonexistent for ages. It didn’t help that they sleep in separate bedrooms. A few years ago she started confiding to her pals that she questioned if her mate was attracted to men, so when he finally got the courage to tell her, she was more relieved than surprised. At least now she doesn’t feel like she wasn’t sexy enough for him. Here’s the real shocker, since she wasn’t getting any action at home she already has a side piece who satisfies her need for intimacy.


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