Holly Madison is using the oldest trick in the book to push Hugh >Hefner into marrying her. She’s been pressuring the ageing Playboy mogul for years because she wants a wedding and she wants children -not to mention financial security. Hef, who has yet to divorce his last wife, seemed to be loosening up on the baby angle because they were seen together a few months ago in the office of a fertility doctor. Apparently nothing came of it, and now Holly’s pulling out the big guns – in the form of a younger better looking guy: She’s making Hef jealous with Las Vegas illusionist Criss Angel. Of course, Holly and WE know that Criss is hardly boyfriend material and so far Hef doesn’t seem worried. It wouldn’t be easy for Holly to leave the luxurious Playboy mansion life. We wonder if she will. As for the other girls, they can be replaced and The Girls Next Door could continue.

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  1. Good luck getting Hef to marry you. My prediction – it ain’t gonna happen.

  2. Yeah sure, that’s all Hef needs at 82–another (THIRD!!) generation of kids! LOL!!

  3. Hugh Hefner is still married to his last wife isn’t he? She is nothing more than a prostitute

  4. Hefner, Holly, and Criss….will split hell wide open.
    Which of the three is the worst?
    There is no answer to this: All three are SICK…SICK…SICK.

  5. PYTs with no skills, no gifts, no motivation. If they lose Hef, they lose it all.
    Hopefully he’s written them into his will for a generous inheritance when he dies in 20 years at 102.
    Such a classy group of people.

  6. Why would he marry this fake titty bleached bimbo and give her what should go to his true heirs, his children? He may be old but he’s not that stupid (I hope). I’m sure his eldest daughter and ex wife will make sure he doesn’t get taken in his elderly years.
    Criss what’s his face is a snail. Way beyond gross. He and Holly make a perfect couple.

  7. I don’t think Hef will go for games. He will just take up with someone else. Holly could find a sugar daddy that will marry her. She has to face facts that it won’t be Hef.

  8. Holly works with Hef. She’s probably out looking for some new talent.
    Wonder why she doesn’t get on an airplane and fly into Memphis… Show up in Oxford, MS.
    Do some interview or scout out a new location for the Playboy Empire… Might I make a recommendation.
    Cairo, Illinois.
    Southern most point in Illinois. Imagine if Hef build at lavish house there along with a printing press for his publication.
    Wonder if Hef has ever passed thru that town, which has seen better times.

  9. Criss Angel is clearly a homosexual. Hanging out with a Gay is not going to bother Hef. As for Holly, whores like her are a dime a dozen.
    just like bus stops there is another one just down the road.

  10. Ther are definitely other way’s.
    She wants to make somebody a DIARRHOEA-PATIENT?

  11. Criss is jealous that Holly made Chocolate molds of her vagina for Hef. She is a special talented lady to do such a wonderful thing for Hef. Holly in a video for the world to hear said that “Hef loves her VAGINA” so she wanted to do something special for the old man. She is a wonderful little skank. I heard she is working on making chocolate molds of her PLASTICS boobs for Criss Angel. What a beautiful couple Criss and Holly make. NOT!

  12. HO HO Holly-
    Guess what GIRLS NEXT DOOR- you are employees to help the brand keep current…
    He pays you 1K per week and other expenses – so am sure you GRABBED with both hands open while you were there conning him.
    Well, thats where it gets funny- he just used you and it did not cost that much, you helped the brand move forward… and he hardly paid you- YOU THREE WERE A GREAT R.O.I. ( return on investment) and hopefully you purchased real property, recevied stock options but who knows you come from the ghetto and you are uneducated with no Talent- so you have made your uneducated parents proud- but how do you sleep at night- hey Kendra can you read or spell? just wondering – and you are no athelete your tennis stinks and your gold swing is so bad a i have to turn away- your hand eye is just okay on the softball field- you are a groupie with jocks you are not a skilled athelte – did any colleges recruit you ? then you stink


  14. Criss Angel is saving his money for a sex change. Unfortunately, Holly got wind of that and dumped him — while Criss’s Vegas show is in imminent danger of closing, after months of scathing reviews… so he’s basically out of a job with no prospects. There’s no telling when the douchebag will be able to achieve what Michael Jackson has … performing the ultimate illusion of turning himself permanently into a woman.

  15. Criss Angel needs to be the best at what he does so he decides to date THE QUEEN OF THE BIMBOS!!!.

    I am now so turned off by Criss Angel. I know where this skanks mouth was – ewwww on HEF

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