This is what happens when your mother was Playboy Playmate of the Month. You’d never guess that social media star Alabama Barker is a high school student by looking at her sexy photos. She’s the daughter of beauty queen and former Playmate Shanna Moakler and musician Travis Barker– and now the step-daughter of Kourtney Kardashian. Even the Kardashians are taken aback by sweet sixteen Alabama’s mature appearance. Alabama frequents the Hollywood club scene, not to mention all night raves. She was named Brand Ambassador for the racy and inexpensive clothing line Pretty Little Things. It seems like in every photo Alabama posts of herself, she’s wearing MORE makeup and LESS clothing. Somebody please talk this girl into going to college!

Photos: Instagram


8 thoughts on “CAN THIS 16 YEAR OLD BE SAVED?

  1. She’ll be used, abused and confused. She’ll be be lucky to avoid the 27 club. Trampy.

  2. She looks demented. That’s not surprising given her Father is a skinhead with prison tats all over his body.

  3. Looks like she could use the Jennifer Hudson lap band surgery ‘diet’.

  4. doubt she will ever reach the age of 30. She already looks 15 years older than she is. She could be a poster person for Skanks r us, and that hair is hideous

  5. Just wait. kris Jenner will be managing her “career” as soon as her sex tape accidentally leaks. That’s how it’s done correct?

  6. In the world she grew up in this is probably perfectly normal to her.

  7. She looks like that horrid “singer” on the real housewives of Beverly hills. Awful look. So plastic.

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