Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez dominated the headlines this week as rumors swirl that their marriage is dunzo.  Here’s what we know.  The couple are going through a rough patch,mostly due to their different spending habits.  SHE likes like live large, but he’s more frugal and finds her excessive spending a turn-off.  In J. Lo’s defense, she is worth more than Ben, so she understandably finds it insulting that he would tell her how to spend HER money. My source says the one thing the both of them have in common is they’re quick to react, BUT do love one another, so while anything is possible, it’s most likely their marriage will stay intact, considering they are in counseling.

Kansas City Chiefs’ Harrison Butker didn’t win any female or gay fans this week thanks to a commencement address where he basically voiced his controversial opinions against the LGTBQ community and women’s rights.  Making it worse he quoted Taylor Swift in the address, referring to her as his teammate Travis Kelce’s girlfriend.  Here’s what we know.  Taylor was PISSED that he dared say her name in such a hate filled speech and she told Travis under no circumstances will she ever be photographed anywhere near him.  She also made it be known to the powers that be on the team that she doesn’t feel comfortable publicly supporting the team if it has a misogynistic homophobe in its ranks.  My NFL source predicts Harrison will be traded, but the question is, who will want him?

Justin and Hailey Bieber made headlines when they announced they’re expecting their first child together. They kept the news a secret from family and closest friends, but now we’re hearing that Justin has been taking parenting classes with a therapist who visits his home three times a week to help him cope with the demands of being a first time dad. My source says he’s determined to do everything RIGHT and get his unpredictable mood swings under control before the baby arrives.

The Sex and the City spinoff, And Just Like That recently started filming its third season in New York City and we can tell you that Kim Cattrall will definitely appear again in another cameo and this time she will share the screen with a cast member -but it won’t be Sarah Jessica Parker.  We are hearing that Kim’s character Samantha Jones is living in Europe and will be visited by one of the cast, and the scene will take place there.  Producers haven’t decided if it’s going to be Cynthia Nixon or Kristen Davis, but it’s going to happen.

And as usual, what’s a week without a piece of Donald Trump gossip! Donald’s youngest son, Barron made headlines when he was announced to be a delegate at the upcoming Republican national convention, only to have his mom Melania publicly decline the invitation the next day, citing a “scheduling conflict.” This makes no sense, since Barron would be expected to be at the convention when his father is nominated to be president, anyway.  We heard that Donald actually gave the okay to announce Barron as a delegate, but Melania immediately nixed it. My well-placed source says that it was a screaming match unlike any other, as Melania threatened to boycott the convention herself if Donald forced the issue of having Barron as a delegate. Needless to say she won.

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  1. Sources in Slovenia are saying that Melania still breastfeeds Barron on occasion and she fears he is a vampire.

  2. It makes me chuckle that Trump has zero power over this wife (considering how power hungry he is). At the end of the day, she decides what is going to happen with her kid and he has to go along with it because she will walk.

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